Bathroom Ban in Toronto

In Toronto taxi drivers have been banned from using the bathrooms in the passenger building opposite from Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport.

This has left many taxi drivers feeling isolated and insulted as they feel they are being separated from society. It was the Toronto Port Authority that has banned them using these bathrooms.

Many drivers are already struggling with increasing costs in fuel and paying for extras like commercial taxi insurance. By being banned from using the bathrooms this is also adding to the burden of being a taxi driver in city centres.

Sajid Mugal who represents 750 taxi drivers in Toronto has said, “I have heard of a few drivers say they are not going back to the airport if they treat us like this.”

The reason they have been banned is that the Toronto Port Authority believe that the taxi drivers are making a mess in the passenger building toilets; however the drivers have said there is no proof that they are to blame.
As a result they are forced to use two portable toilets that have been set up outside. However there are around 50 drivers waiting outside the airport at anytime. Two toilets aren’t efficient.

Asafo Addai who is a taxi driver in the area has said, “It’s embarrassing.

“This perception that we are not worthy of going to the washroom is not right, especially in the 21st century.”

Taxi drivers were issued with a warning but the Toronto Port Authority felt they didn’t comply so were banned the very next day but provided the portable toilets.

The Toronto Port Authority said, “Following several incidents that have showed disregard for these communications the TPA restricted access to washroom facilities at the airport’s passenger transfer facility.
“We value the important support and contribution made by the taxi industry to Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport and its operations and have and will continue to be in communication with representatives of the taxi industry.”

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