Amsterdam to receive electric scooter taxis

Plans have been unveiled to set up an electric scooter taxi system in Amsterdam by Ruben Beugels, a Dutch businessman. The nature of Amsterdam’s layout with canals and ancient streets, have meant that many of Amsterdam’s residents prefer to use bicycles to get from A to B. Amsterdam has a pretty reliable public transport system which goes to the city’s outer edges, however many parts of the old city are difficult to reach. Beugels hopes that his fleet of electric scooters will go some way to remedying the problem!

Each scooter is a lime green colour and will be high- tech; equipped with a Samsung tablet on the rear for advertising and a galaxy smartphone in the dash with a TomTom navigation app used to navigate the complex city streets. Performance wise, the scooter travel at a maximum speed of 16mph for 80 miles on an electric battery.

After 6 years of preparation, talking with Amsterdam city council, National railway companies, the sustainable bank Triodos which funded half the finance, and various taxi insurance companies the plans are finally underway.

Beugel’s fleet of 100 ‘Hoppers’ should prove a viable alternative to taking the tram, and at a flat rate of €2.50 per ride is 0.2 € cheaper. It is quite possible that these lime-green electric Vespas will become an iconic symbol of Amsterdam and further act as a tourist incentive.

A marketing expert who advised Hopper commented that “Amsterdam will become a bit more Italian with all those hip scooters in town. Very nice. But the nicest thing is that the Amsterdam Hoppers are noiseless and non-polluting”

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