Taxi Driver Fined for Smoking

A taxi driver based in Oldham has been fined for smoking a cigarette inside his taxi and then when he discarded the butt in front of members of the council he was find.

Oldham council environmental health staff saw the taxi driver who was parked in his Toyota Avensis having a cigarette so they approached him. They had gone over to give him a £50 fine but in the process, he threw the butt onto the floor in front of him. As a result of this they gave him an additional £80 fine for littering.

The unfortunate taxi driver refused to pay the fines so the council then took him to court. It went to Oldham Magistrates where he was told to pay the £130 he owed in fines and an additional £250 for costs. Leading up to Christmas and all the additional costs that come with the season and being a taxi driver such as taxi insurance, we are sure that this wasn’t welcome news.

He later submitted his plea as guilty via post as he did not attend the trial.

He was charged the first fine because of anti-smoking legislation which states that a taxi is a form of public transport. This means it is not only illegal for the drivers but also the passengers to smoke within the cab too.

A Cabinet Member Councillor Jean Stretton said, “It is against the law for drivers or passengers to smoke in taxi’s and it is only right that people should be able to enjoy a smoke free environment when they are in a cab.

“In this case the driver added to his earlier offence by throwing his cigarette out of the window and anyone who litters must be prepared to face the consequences.”

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