Dublin get tough on taxis

In Ireland, ministers are drawing up a new law to stop individuals with “certain types of criminal convictions” from being taxi drivers. The bill will supposedly end crime in the industry and there will be a penalty points system for taxi drivers put in place. The Irish Minister of State for Transport Alan Kelly who is expecting the bill to come in to action next year said that the removal of rogue taxi drivers would reduce the over-supplied industry.

The new taxi cars will be branded in blue and green showing taxi license number and therefore that the car is authorized to carry passengers. Kelly said that this would ensure drivers drivers “would have to take their industry far more seriously” The branding would show who was driving any one vehicle at any time, and therefore identify unauthorized drivers. In this way, he hopes to eliminate rogue taxi drivers.

The new law and penalty points system would allow taxi licenses to be revoked, with more points equating to greater fines and punishments, although Kelly did not expand on the types of convictions which would stop a driver from operating. This bill is supposedly one of the most comprehensive bill to be released in Ireland to date.

Genuine taxi drivers will welcome this move as business is already hard with the lack of passengers, increase of fuel, taxi insurance costs, let alone rouge taxi drivers taking business in the over-supplied market.

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