£1,500 needed to save Falmouth taxi rank Marshalls

taxi standLast week we reported on how taxi drivers in Brighton were voicing their fears for their safety due to new speed limits in the busy town centre, especially at night-time when they picked up drunken revellers. Safety is extremely important to taxi drivers, and whilst their taxi insurance policies can protect their vehicles against theft or damage, many drivers have called for other measures to be put in place in order to protect their personal safety. Taxi marshalls have therefore been implemented at taxi ranks in busy town centres across many cities in the UK in order to make sure that those waiting for taxis don’t exhibit any dangerous or violent behaviour.

This is why supporters of the taxi marshalls in the Falmouth town centre are trying their hardest to find funding so that they can keep the taxi marshalls at the taxi ranks. Originally, funding was offered by local businesses, however many have now pulled out meaning that supporters have to find £1,500 in order to keep the taxi marshalls. At a meeting with the Falmouth Town Council, Sergeant Gary Watts pleaded with the council not to scrap the taxi marshalls scheme, especially as crime in The Moor area went down by fifty per cent since their introduction.

He said: “It has worked really well, so much so that Truro have stolen the idea and are rolling it out. I started the project on the basis of promises I had, mainly from pubs and clubs in the town. I went ahead because I had enough money promised, but unfortunately we had tremendous difficulty pinning people down to pay and that has left us with a shortfall. So, despite this being a very good project, we are going to have to shut it off soon because we are not going to have the money to take it to the end of the (financial) year.”

Luckily, Councillors at the meeting agreed to put the matter before the next meeting of its finance and general purposes committee on the 4th of March, with Councillor Keven Ayres saying: “This is really important as it goes along with the street pastors and Safe Space. We should try to find the money from somewhere to support it until at least the end of the year.

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