Water Taxis in San Francisco

The Port of Commission in San Francisco gave permission for water taxi’s to offer rides for the next five years around the city. This means a different kind of taxi insurance is needed altogether!

In the approval of the new scheme, two companies have been given permission to operate the new service. This first is Tideline Marine Group who will be doing journeys from point to point. San Francisco Water Taxi Company will be completing journeys between the three piers.

Ryan Craves is the chief operating officer at Tideline and he has said that in the next two years they plan on having another five boats operating in the next two years. There is currently one passenger boat that holds twelve and there will be two more added soon. They are also planning on having an on-call service in the form of an app or request a pick up via the website.

It has to be said however, this taxi ride isn’t for a quick trip to the shops. It can costs anywhere from $30 to $100 and Mr Craves has likened it to a journey in a limousine.

The next company to secure the deal are due to start their service in October and in the future they also expect to add to the number of boats they have.

Landlords Banned from Letting Draughty Homes

Image of energyAs of 2018 landlords will be unable to rent out homes in England and Wales that have draughts in a bid to cut carbon emissions and energy bills. Around a million tenants will benefit from these new regulations, many of whom are currently paying £1000 more than the average annual utility bill of £1,265 due to their homes being poorly insulated. (more…)

What can we expect for Taxis in 2015?

Image of Black CabIn 2014 there was a huge change in the taxi industry with Uber bringing their taxi App to London, rustling a number of taxi drivers’ feathers. We also saw other taxi Apps being launched including Hailo and GetTaxi, with some claiming that these Apps could potentially change the landscape of the UK taxi industry by the end of 2015. We previously spoke about how UK taxis are going to adapt for the future but we certainly never predicted this… (more…)

New Year’s Eve Restaurants in London

Image of Big Ben at midnightAre you struggling to think of ideas for what to do on New Year’s Eve this year? If you don’t want anything too wild but fancy a great selection of foods then look no further than these six restaurants that are highly recommended for New Year’s Eve! (more…)

Immigration Bill goes live for Landlords in the West Midlands

Image of KeysAs of the 1st of December landlords in the West Midlands will be required to check the immigration status of potential occupants under the proposed Immigration Act. Even though the scheme will only initially be trialled in the West Midlands if approved it could be implemented nationally. Under the Act if landlords fail to stick to certain requirements they could face a civil penalty of up to three thousand pounds. (more…)

Property Market Update

Image of houseAs we all know, the property market is constantly changing and therefore can be hard to keep up with. Recently, new statistics have been revealed that claim the average property in the UK is now worth £265,000, a 10.2% increase year on year. In June 2014 house prices reached a new high and experts said that a fall in inflation will reduce the chances of an interest rate rise. (more…)