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Florida Motorhome Insurance

Florida motorhome insurance is a relatively straightforward group of policies that can be applied to almost all motorhomes. With so many levels of insurance available, the main choice is typically how much focus you want to apply to each policy. Packages are available that might cover all the possible eventualities, but it might pay to choose individual aspects to perfect the level of coverage for your circumstances.

What You Need to Know About Florida Motorhome Insurance

Motorhome in front of scenic mountains

Florida motorhome insurance is a mixture of features that covers many situations. Motorhomes come in various shapes and sizes, so it stands to reason that there will be some differences in the types of policy each person might seek out, not to mention the costs and values of each. Many providers do offer specific groups of policy that relates to the needs of most motorhomes, however, and it is generally easy to cultivate the coverage needed for just about all circumstances.

Motorhomes looking out on lake

Motorhome insurance in general can be quite expensive, but there are some tried and tested methods to reduce costs without compromising on coverage. For example, making sure your motorhome is secure will help reduce the cost of policy relating to theft, while lower mileage can have an enormous effect on several policy options, not least the legally mandated third party. As ever, the trick is to maximise coverage without over insuring, which in itself can be enormously costly. Most providers these days are happy to offer advice in this area.

Notable Features of Florida Motorhome Insurance

The most essential policy options include:

Third Party Cover

Legally required, third party refers to damage done to other vehicles for which you are liable. It should also include injuries suffered as a result of the insurance event. The main choice for those seeking out the policy is cost, which will depend on a number of factors, including points on the licence and power of the vehicle. Another factor will be the maximum pay out in the result of the insurance event and subsequent legal costs and compensation, which typically ranges from £1m to £5m.


Fire & Theft

Often included with third party, although available separately, fire and theft is an essential policy that covers damage from fire and theft of the vehicle. It should be noted that there are some circumstances whereby the provider will not pay out, most commonly due to negligence. To be sure that you are never left without coverage, lock all windows and doors and install extra safety devices to reduce the cost of this policy.

Comprehensive Cover

The next level up from combining the previous two policies is comprehensive insurance. Adding to the already broad coverage these two provide, comprehensive cover typically also includes accidental damage, even when the fault lies squarely at your feet. There are some providers who might also include contents cover with comprehensive as well as protection for external features, but this is by no means universal, so be sure to check exactly what each version of this policy includes.


Contents Insurance

In the age of handheld and portable technology, the chances are that your motorhome will contain highly valuable items at some point. With mobile phones and laptops worth well in excess of £1,000, not to mention satnavs and in-car entertainment systems, it would be an enormous oversight to not have this policy in place. Again, a lot will depend on how responsible you are for the security of the vehicle and its contents, so keeping such devices out of the view of would be thieves will ensure you remain covered.