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Lorry Insurance

Why Use Quotesearcher

  • Cover for Articulated, Refrigerated, Rigid and Tipper vehicles
  • Category C and C+E licences covered by all our partners
  • Breakdown cover available

Lorry insurance is designed to cover any business which uses trucks or lorries. The large size and weight of the vehicle, coupled with the higher than average mileage, means that lorries and trucks require a specialist insurance policy.

We know your lorry is integral to you earning a living, so there are plenty of features in lorry insurance policies designed to protect your income and get you back on the road and earning as quickly as possible.

Lorry Fleet Insurance

Most policies will cover between 1 and 5 vehicles; any more, and you will need to get lorry fleet insurance.
Looking for lorry insurance can be a slow process, so by having all your vehicles under a single policy you will save time and also get a reduced price on your premium.

Any driver cover is available, or you can choose a policy which is easy to add named drivers to whenever you need to.

Types of Vehicle

Lorries come in a variety of shapes and sizes, including:

  • Refrigerated trucks
  • 10 tonne HGV
  • 44 tonne lorry
  • Q Plates
  • Crew cabs
  • Classic trucks

Our partners can offer cover for lorries of almost any weight, all the way up to 200 tonne GVWs.

Types of Cover

We know that lorry insurance can be expensive, so all of our partners policies can be customised to contain your specific requirements.

That way, you know you are only paying for the cover you actually need.

Remember; employer’s liability insurance and motor insurance are both mandatory by law.
As with normal vehicle insurance, there are 3 different levels of cover available:

  • Third party only
  • Third party, fire & theft
  • Comprehensive

Third party only is the cheapest choice, and the minimal legal requirement.

Choosing third party only may save you money in the short term, but in the long run you could end up spending much more because your cover is insufficient.

Lorries are expensive vehicles to repair and maintain. If something goes wrong it could be costly enough that it could even end up impacting on your business financially.


Here is a list of the optional extras available, so you can truly tailor your policy to suit your unique needs.

Goods in transit – the role of a lorry is transporting goods from A to B, generally on behalf of a client or contractor. This makes their goods your responsibility, and you are responsible for their safe arrival. Goods in transit insurance protects you, and will cover you againt against loss, damage or theft.
Public and employer’s liability – this feature will protect you and your business against any claims made by an employee or a third party who sustained injured because of your lorry. Liability actions can be incredibly expensive, and have even been known to bankrupt businesses in the past. It is simply not a risk worth taking.
Replacement vehicle – we know that your lorry is how you make your living, and all the time spent off the road means you are not earning an income. This feature is a way to ensure your business and your income does not suffer.
Breakdown cover – if your lorry breaks down, so does your business. If the HGV is midway through making a delivery, you need it to be back on the road as quickly as possible.
Excess protection – if you need to make a claim because you are at fauls, this protects you against the cost of your insurance excess. There is a wide variety of indemnity levels to pick from, so you can choose whichever one suits you best.
Legal expenses –this will cover your legal costs in the event of a claim being made against you. There is a comprehensive range of cover available businesses as well as individuals.


There are some of the most common exclusions:

Motor theft – through keys being left in or on the vehicle
Goods in transit – theft of property from an unattended vehicle is not covered, unless the vehicle is in a locked building or a secure compound with a security guard always on site.
Hazardous goods – most contents are covered, but if you are transporting hazardous goods or materials these will require their own specialist cover.
Income protection – this cover is dependent on your declaration of health on the day you enter into the policy. If you have any pre-existing illness before joining, then you will not be eligible.

Reducing Your Premium

In order to reduce the price of your premium, there are several steps you can take:

  • Installing telematics devices in your lorry
  • On-board cameras
  • Fleet management
  • Driver training

Enter your details here to find out which of our partners has the right lorry insurance policy for you!

Why Use Quotesearcher

  • Cover for Articulated, Refrigerated, Rigid and Tipper vehicles
  • Category C and C+E licences covered by all our partners
  • Breakdown cover available
  • There is nothing more frustrating than spending your time filling out an insurance quote form only to find that the company you are dealing with cannot provide a policy to suit your needs.  This is why we work with a range of brokers so that no matter what type of lorry you own you will be able to find a policy that not only covers everything you want but also won’t break the bank.  We can also help you get in touch with a number of our brokers in case you have any specific questions or want to know more details about the policies they offer.

  • Lorry insurance protects not only your vehicle but also the goods that you are carrying, which is extremely important as they are often worth a large amount of money.  This type of insurance also helps if one of your vehicles needs to be repaired, as parts for large vehicles can cost anywhere between hundreds and thousands of pounds.  Our brokers can also offer lorry insurance policies that cover your driver and your goods whether they are in the UK or abroad, meaning that if you are thinking of expanding your company or your services you won’t be held back by your insurance policy.

  • If you are offering logistics or transport services your clients will often require you to be flexible, which is why you need an insurance policy that doesn’t restrict your business.  For example, if you have just started your company you may not be able to afford to pay the whole of your insurance premium up front, which is why our brokers offer monthly payments to all our customers.  Furthermore, our partners can also offer legal cover as part of their insurance packages so if you or one of your drivers is involved in an accident you won’t be left to deal with the consequences on your own.  No matter what your needs we can help you find cover that will not only protect your lorries but also help your business thrive.