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Why QuoteSearcher for Limousine Insurance?

If you drive a limousine as a profession, you will need a special kind of insurance policy that differs from standard motor and private hire insurance. Finding insurance for a limousine service can feel like a minefield, as you need to 100% sure all situations are covered.

Limousines are luxury vehicles, associated with glamour and special occasions, and this will often be reflected in the clientele and their reasons for hiring. As such, you need to make sure as the driver that all your passengers, and their belongings, are properly looked after for the duration of the journey from A to B.

QuoteSearcher understand the unique aspects and challenges faced by limousine drivers, and are able to match you with specialist limo insurance brokers who will work to offer you a competitive quote. There are a number of features you should consider as part of your overarching policy in order to be protected at the highest levels, so you don’t end up losing out financially.

Policy Features

Public Liability

This covers the costs of legal and medical fees associated with a claim made against you by a passenger or member of the public. Find out more about Public Liability for limousines.

Agreed Value

Ensures you are paid out a pre-agreed amount for repairs/replacements, not a reduced amount if the car loses value over time. Read more about Agreed Value Cover.

Breakdown Cover

Covers the cost of breakdown call-outs, ensuring your limousine gets back on the road as quickly as possible. Find out more about Breakdown Cover for limousines.

Limo Fleet Insurance

If you run a limousine or chauffeur business, this will cover all vehicles that make up your commercial fleet. Find out more about Limo Fleet Insurance.

Any Driver

This will cover all the drivers you employ as part of your business, allowing them to operate any vehicle. Read more about Any Driver Cover.

Windscreen and Glass Cover

Replaces or repairs damaged windscreens or windows due to stone chips, accidental damage or theft. Find out more about Windscreen and Glass Cover

Frequently Asked Questions About Limousine Insurance

    • What does limousine insurance cover?
      Limousine insurance is different from both normal car insurance and chauffeur insurance, as there are more eventualities that need to be covered. Limousine insurance covers things such as public liability, breakdown coverage and roadside assistance, windscreen and glass coverage, agreed value, and any driver coverage. For more information on limousine insurance and to find the policy that's best for you, please fill out our form and we'll take care of the rest.
    • Do limousine drivers need separate insurance?
      While it is always a good idea for people to be covered by insurance to the fullest extent, limousine insurance also provides any driver coverage. This coverage ensures that your drivers are fully covered by insurance, and that they have the ability to operate any vehicle in your fleet.
    • Can I get insurance for my limousine business?
      Yes, of course! QuoteSearcher will help you find the best coverage available for your limousine business, so that you can operate in a safe and effective manner. Having insurance for your limousine business to cover any eventuality is a necessity, which is why we are here to help. Fill out our form, and we'll have one of our panel of specialist brokers get in touch with a competitive price for the limousine insurance that's best for you.
    • Do I need liability insurance for my passengers?
      Public liability insurance is a definite must when it comes to your limousine business. You want to be protected in case a passenger or member of the public makes a claim against you. Public liability insurance will help cover any legal fees or medical costs should this happen.
    • Can I get limousine insurance for a whole fleet?
      If you run a limousine business, chances are that you have more than one limousine. In this case, we can help you find limousine fleet insurance, to make sure that each and every vehicle you own is covered by your policy. You can visit out motor fleet insurance page to find out more.

After searching for hours on the internet I finally came across QuoteSearcher who's partners provided me with excellent quotes far better than I had received from anyone else.

Neil Heron - Virginia Water, Surrey

I was very impressed with the speed in which QuoteSearcher’s partners got back to me. After completing the online form I was delighted with the quotes I received and was happy to sort out my insurance quickly.

Matt Dyer - Sunderland, Tyne and Wear