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At last! A quote website that is simple, easy and quick to use!!! I just had to send in a quick email to congratulate and thank you.

Alan Roberts, Portsmouth

This site is so easy to use! Found what I wanted quickly and subsequently bought my insurance through one of your partners! I can't tell you how many sites I gave up on half way through applying!

Laura Fog, Oxford

Frequently Asked Questions About Lifestyle Insurance

    • What is the difference between a caravan and a motorhome?
      Motorhomes and caravans are different and therefore require insurance that is specific to them. A motorhome is a vehicle that has a driver’s cab section at the front, with a living/sleeping area towards the back. Caravans, on the other hand, are towed with a motor vehicle, meaning that the living/sleeping area is an entirely different vehicle without a motorised engine.There are further different types of motorhome and caravan, and elements such as size and general use cases influence the price of your premium.
    • Do I need to have insurance for my caravan/motorhome by law?
      You are not legally obligated to insure your caravan or motorhome, however without insurance you run the risk of having to pay a great deal from your own pocket for repairs or replacements. Theft, vandalism, and damage from an accident will all need to be paid by yourself, whereas these costs can be recouped if you have a detailed insurance policy.
    • How do I know what type of RV I have?
      Motorhomes, caravans, and campervans all have very different elements yet are all essentially used for the same purpose. See our dedicated pages about motorhome, caravan, campervan, and touring caravan insurance to learn more about what constitutes such a vehicle and the features you should consider as part of your policy.
    • Is my caravan/motorhome covered in Europe?
      In general, your caravan/motorhome insurance will extend to trips in Europe of up to 90 days. However, this does depend on the broker so you should discuss this with them if you regularly travel to Europe with your RV.
    • Does QuoteSearcher help insure static caravans?
      We work with a wide range of dedicated insurance brokers who understand the unique challenges and risk of owning and living in a static caravan. A standard caravan insurance policy will not offer cover that is broad enough. This is because a standard caravan is not used as a permanent living space and is not used throughout the year. We can help you secure a competitive quote for your static caravan insurance with just one form to fill out.
    • How can I get cover for my horsebox?
      Horseboxes are a rather specialist vehicle and will need a specific type of insurance in order to be fully covered. Luckily, our panel of brokers specialise in providing quotes for horsebox insurance. From legal expenses, to theft and malicious damage, you will be able to design a bespoke policy that includes all the features you need for full protection.