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Unoccupied Property Insurance

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Currently there are nearly 1 million empty properties in the UK. Some have been left unoccupied as they await sale or rental, others may be undergoing extensive renovations, the owners could be on an extended holiday or the properties could have simply been repossessed. Whatever the reason, if your property is left unoccupied for longer than 30 days, you will need to look into getting unoccupied property insurance.

Why Unoccupied Property Insurance?

Even if you have regular house or property insurance, most policies will not cover a property which has been unoccupied for more than 30 days. This is because empty properties are seen to be more likely targets for vandals and burglars, and if they are damaged it will go unreported and unrepaired for longer than an occupied property would.

Property Owner’s Liability Insurance

All property owners should take out liability insurance; it would be foolish to run the risk of not having it. Should a member of the public injure themselves whilst on your premises, or if third party property is damaged as a direct result of an accident linked to your property, without the correct insurance you will be held personally liable.  Property owner’s liability insurance will cover any costs and compensation/damages which arise as a result of a claim. In the long run, this insurance could end up saving you thousands.

Policy Duration

If you know your property will only be empty for three months, you will not want to sign up to a year long policy. Many providers offer three, six, nine or twelve month policies as well as varying levels of cover.

Your Policy Features

These are some of the key points to consider when searching for your unoccupied property insurance policy.

  • Building Insurance – this will cover any buildings on the premises, including any outbuildings, swimming pools etc. It includes any permanent fixtures and fittings, and any other outdoor features like hedges, gates or fences.
  • Rebuild cost – it should be enough to cover a complete rebuild of your house should disaster strike. When calculating this cost, remember to include:
    • Cost of demolition and clearance
    • Solicitors fees
    • Surveyor and architect’s fees
    • All materials and labour
  • Contents insurance – with unoccupied property insurance, you have the choice of having building insurance only, or building and contents. The definition of contents is anything inside the building which is not a permanent fixture and fitting. However, be aware that many policies will not include what are deemed to be valuable items, as the assumption is that any valuables would not be left in an empty property.
  • Legal cover – legal expenses can easily run into the thousands, which is why we recommend this additional feature. This will cover any costs you incur when pursuing legal action against a variety of issues, including personal identity theft, trespass or removal of squatters.

Tips and Advice

An empty property can be an easy target for thieves, so we have a few hints and tips to help keep your unoccupied property safe from any unwanted visitors.

  • Outside appearance – one of the biggest giveaways that a property is laying empty is how it looks from the street. Peeling paintwork, faded curtains and an overgrown garden are just some of the signs which hint at dereliction. Some policies will insist that you maintain the appearance of your property to help reduce the risk of vandalism or intruders.
  • Regular checks – most policies will contain a clause requiring you to check up on the property at least once every 7 days. This is to reinforce the previous point about maintain the outside appearance of your property. It will also act as a deterrent if the property appears active rather than empty. Regular checks mean that any crime or damage will not go more than a week without being reported. For example, a leaking pipe caught early is an easy thing to fix; left for months, the consequences could be disastrous. The person visiting does not have to be the policy holder, but the visits must occur.
  • Security – for an unoccupied property, you are relying solely on your security measures to keep your property safe. Some insurers will require you to install specifics locks or those with a high safety rating otherwise they will not insure you. We would also recommend getting a good burglar alarm, and CCTV if your property is in an area which is frequently targeted by thieves. You should also remove and valuables on the property, as they will not be covered by your policy anyway.

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Why Use Quotesearcher

  • No need to shop around to find the best deal
  • Only deal with UK leading insurers
  • One stop solution for all your insurance needs