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Why use QuoteSearcher?

If you own a thatched cottage, you will no doubt enjoy the stunning vista is gives you. Thatched homes are popular for their classically pastoral look, and they are often a real point of pride for homeowners.

Thatched roofs are made from dry vegetation, including reeds, straw and heather among other things. A well maintained thatched roof can withstand the elements, being natural weather-proof, and can last up to fifty years. However, there are some risks which can lead to it being damaged, including extreme weather, fire, and the release of water. It is because of these increased risks that many choose to insure their thatched roof cottage to cover the costs should any of the aforementioned events happen.

QuoteSearcher work with a panel of insurers, including thatch insurance specialists, so you can find a competitive policy that suits you.

Thatched Roof Insurance Policy Features

Thatch cover

Specialist cover specifically for risks associated with thatch installations

Liability cover

Property owners’ and public liability cover any legal costs that may arise. Find out more about Liability Cover.

Building and contents cover

Cover in the event of damage to property, furnishings and fittings. Find out more about Building and Contents Cover.

Accidental damage

This offers protection and cover for flood, storm and escape of water

Risks of Thatched Roof Properties

Thatch house insurance is important in order to protect against a number of elements, and some insurers are unwilling to include thatched properties within a standard home insurance policy. From their perspective, they come with an increased risk. Some of the issues that can occur are:

Risk of Fire

This is a somewhat misleading ‘fact’ about thatched roofs. Whilst many people assume a thatched roof carries greater fire risk than standard roof coverings, although this is not necessarily the case. The facts are that thatched roofs will enable a fire to spread much more quickly, which is why protection is so important.

Expensive Upkeep

The cost of repairing a thatched roof can be expensive due to the fact that they are not as common as they once were, therefore companies who do have the knowledge to repair them can charge more. Insurance for thatched roof properties will help cover the costs of fixing your roof should it become damaged.

Ongoing Maintenance

If you are not properly maintaining your thatched roof (it should be re-ridged every ten years) it could end up costing you a lot more. Your insurer will want to know that you are keeping up with this maintenance, and if you are it may help keep your thatched roof insurance cost at a minimum.

Nesting Birds, Bats and Rodents

To birds and rodents like mice or squirrels, a thatched roof is just one big new home. Nesting animals can compromise the structural integrity of the roof itself, as well as being unsanitary and potentially causing unseen long-term damage. Thatch insurance will help with repair costs, bringing your roof back to its best.

Listed Building

If you live in a listed building, which many thatched buildings are, then you may like to check our nonstandard property insurance page.

Maintaining Thatched Roofs

There are a number of ways you can minimise the risks associated with thatched roof properties, these include:

  • Ensure your thatched roof is treated with a fire-resistant spray and has fire-resistant barriers to stop flames spreading
  • Have your electrical wiring and chimney checked regularly by a professional who can certify it has been looked at
  • Make sure smoke detectors are placed inside the roof space as well as around the house for maximum protection

If you want to make sure this wonderful feature of your home is properly looked after, thatched property insurance is highly recommended. The costs associated with this type of roof should be covered so you know that, in any event, you can have your home looking its best again, without the significant costs falling on you.


    • Can I Get Cheap Thatched Roof Insurance?
      Whilst still more expensive than regular home insurance, there are steps you can take which may reduce the price of your thatched roof insurance premium. These include regular chimney maintenance, installing smoke alarms throughout the property, and coating your thatched roof with a fire retardant spray. Putting in fire-resistant barriers between the thatch and the building is also an effective option.

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