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Why use QuoteSearcher?

We are a well-established company working alongside a number of specialist brokers, aimed at finding the most competitive landlords residential insurance quotes.

We can connect you with a wide selection of brokers who will work hard to get your business.

There is no need for lengthy web searches, our partners will simply contact you and guide you through you quote process. Fill out our quick and simple form and they’ll be in touch straightaway!

Landlords Residential Cover Policy Options

Building and Contents Insurance

Protection for damage to the physical building, fittings, floors & furniture. Find out more about Building and Contents Insurance.

Tenant related insurances

Protection from damage and theft caused by tenants. Read morea bout Tenant related insurances.

DSS Let Insurance

Standard cover provided to DSS category houses

Rent Guarantee Insurance

Guaranteed rental income if tenant cannot pay for any reason (after 2 months). Find out more about Rent Guarantee Insurance.

Buy to Let Buildings Insurance

One of the biggest concerns for landlords when it comes to their businesses is their properties being damaged. As a landlord, you have to adhere to strict guidelines and regulations especially when it concerns the conditions of your properties, which means if something is damaged you need to make sure it’s dealt with as quickly as possible.

Buy to let buildings insurance can protect your business against damages caused both by your tenants or natural causes including fire, water or even wind. Certain policies can also provide alternate housing for your tenants whilst work is being undertaken, meaning you don’t have to worry about covering the costs yourself. To find out more fill out our online form today.

Buy to Let House and Property Insurance

If you specialise in residential lets it’s important the houses or other types of properties you own are covered with extensive insurance – after all, it’s someone’s home you are looking after.  Property insurance for residential lets does exactly what it says on the tin: it protects the bricks and mortar and nothing more.

As property buy to let insurance doesn’t cover contents you will need to make your tenants aware that they may need to purchase a separate contents insurance policy should they want to protect their belongings. Furthermore, if their contents are damaged or stolen you will not cover the cost of having them repaired or replaced.

Buy to Let Contents Insurance

Landlords who offer fully furnished properties may want to ensure that their contents are protected by investing in a buy to let policy that includes contents cover. When choosing your level of cover you could also consider including your tenants’ contents so they don’t have to purchase a separate policy and if anything happens to their belongings they will also be protected.

Some of the most common items that are covered by buy to let contents insurance are white goods such as fridges and freezers as well as furniture such as sofas, beds and wardrobes. If you require specialist contents insurance for items such as fittings or high-end furniture please let us know when filling out our online form and our specialist brokers will do their best to help.

DSS Let Insurance

Letting to tenants who receive Local Housing Allowance (LHA) comes with a certain amount of risk as if the local council decides to cut their payments your tenants may end up struggling to cover the cost of their rent. DSS insurance not only protects your business against this risk but also places control back in your hands.

If you are letting to DSS tenants, then you should make sure you have the right type of insurance as some standard policies may not cover those that receive Local Housing Allowance. To find out more fill out our online form.

Rent Guarantee Insurance

If you are still paying the mortgage on your rental properties or have earmarked the earnings for other purposes, then losing out on rent can lead to serious issues.  Rent guarantee insurance is designed to protect landlords against loss of income, whether its due to a tenant failing to make a payment or one of your property’s going through a void period.

Rental insurance provides a much-needed safety net for thousands of landlords in the UK, and with the ever changing housing market it could help protect your livelihood too. To find out more about rent guarantee insurance and how it can help protect your business fill out our online form.

Frequently Asked Questions about Landlord Residential Insurance

    • What is an interested party?
      This is anyone, or any organisation, that has a financial interest in the property. For example, a mortgage provider. When applying for landlord insurance, you may indeed be asked how many interested parties there are.
    • Can I insure more than one property with one landlord insurance policy?
      Yes, some insurers will offer you the opportunity to insure multiple properties in order to save you time and effort. You will have to check though with specific landlords insurance brokers.
    • Will my cover continue when a tenant moves out?
      To check this you will need to refer to your landlord insurance policy documents. The length of cover will be written into the policy. If you are still unsure then it will be a good idea to contact your insurer directly via telephone, or via email.
    • Do I need a separate insurance policy for fixtures and fittings?
      It is likely that you will need a separate insurance policy as the landlord insurance policy you have may not extend to cover the fixtures and fittings within your property. Even if it does, the replacement fixtures and fittings, should they need to be replaced, may not be on a like for like basis.
    • Can I make a claim for loss of rent if my property is damaged to the point where it is uninhabitable?
      The majority of landlord insurance policies will offer some form of loss of rent as optional cover. Cover will be provided in the event that your property is so badly damaged, by an insured event, that it becomes uninhabitable, or access to the property becomes impossible. In this event the policy will cover the rent that you would normally receive from the property for up to a specific length of time, or up to the total sum insured, or until such time as someone can then begin living in the building again.

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