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Block Of Flats Insurance

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Living in a block of flats, or a house converted into flats, is a different experience to living in your own stand-alone property. As such, you require a specialist insurance policy to provide you with the cover you need, as standard property insurance policies are not sufficient.

Whether you own, manage or rent a flat, you will need to apply for block of flats insurance.

About Block of Flats Insurance

When there are hundreds of people living in close proximity to each other and sharing communal areas like hallways, the chance of an accident happening or damage occurring is high. Also damage often goes unreported, as the culprits may be unwilling to take responsibility for their actions and people generally take less care of something when the owner is not present.

Some blocks of flats are looked after by dedicated property management companies, who are paid monthly subs to maintain the building and arrange things like the block of flats insurance, liaising with the insurer on behalf of the occupants.

Others have an organised group of residents who have decided to take the management matters into their own hands.

Our partners have policies which are suitable for all types of property owner, whether you own a single flat or the entire block, are a freeholder, leaseholder or a property management company.

Policy Features

Below is a list of the key things to consider when applying for block of flats insurance. Make sure you are not paying for cover that you do not require and perhaps more importantly that you are no under insured. This is a far more common occurrence than you may think, and a small saving on your policy now could cost you massively in the long run if you do not have sufficient cover.

  • Property owners liability – if you are held personally liable for an accident someone has on your property, or a damage is sustained due to you property, legal bills and compensation can run into the thousands. This will protect you, your property and your business.
  • Loss of rent cover – as a landlord, your property is your income. If the building needs repairs, or for whatever reason, your flat become uninhabitable you cannot lease it out and are therefore losing income. Loss of rent cover will protect you from this. Some insurers will also offer you a period of unoccupied cover.
  • Cover is available for a range of different tenants, including:
    • Professionals
    • Students
    • DSS rentals
    • Bedsits
    • Asylum seekers
    • Local authority placements
  • Malicious damage & theft by tenants – landlord / tenant relationships can sometimes be fraught, and a disgruntled tenant could deliberately damage your property. It will also cover any items stolen by tenants
  • Employer liability – if you employ a person or persons to manage your property/properties, you could be held personally liable should they have an accident whilst on your property as you are their employer and are therefore responsible for ensuring they have a safe working environment.
  • Building & contents cover
  • Glass insurance
  • Contents of communal areas
  • All risks cover:
    • Fire
    • Storm
    • Flood
    • Subsidence
    • Escape to water

Sublets may require a slightly different type of cover.

If you have a property portfolio, by insuring them all under the same policy you will get a reduced premium, saving both money and time.

Get in touch with us today so we can help find the right block of flats insurance policy for you.

Why Use Quotesearcher

  • No need to shop around to find the best deal
  • Only deal with UK leading insurers
  • One stop solution for all your insurance needs