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Why Bedsit Insurance from QuoteSearcher?

As the landlord of a bedsit or house in multiple occupation (HMO), you need an entirely different kind of cover from other buy-to-let properties. Bedsits and HMOs differ significantly from one another, and ensuring you have the very best landlord insurance policy for your bedsit is key to achieving the highest levels of protection.

Whereas a bedsit is defined as a single room let out within a property which shares all or at least most of their facilities with other people residing in the property, if you have three or more rooms let out as bedsit, then your building can be reclassified as a HMO property – with HMO being the overarching term for the property that houses these bedsits.

With us, the best landlord insurance companies will be able to offer you comprehensive cover, creating a bespoke policy that works with the unique challenges of your business. Whether you are a bedsit or HMO landlord, you will be able to speak directly with trusted brokers who will work hard to give you the most competitive buy-to-let property insurance quote.

Policy Features for Bedsit Insurance

Buildings Insurance

Covers the cost of damage to the structure of the building from escape of water, fire, and storm damage. Find out more about Buildings Insurance

Contents Insurance

Protects furnishings provided by the landlord in communal areas, such as hallways, reception rooms or shared spaces. Read more about Contents Insurance.

Loss of Rent Cover

If your tenant is unable to pay rent, or your building is uninhabitable for a time, this will cover the cost of rent. Find out more about Loss of Rent Insurance.

Alternative Accommodation

Provides cover for the cost of an alternative living space should your property become uninhabitable for any reason. Alternative Accommodation Insurance.

Property Owners’ Liability

Offers protection for property owners for any claims made against them which arise from ownership of the property

Malicious Damage Cover

If your property is vandalised by a burglar or malicious tenant, the damage will be covered by this extension of your policy

Differences between Bedsit, Studio and HMO

When searching for landlord property insurance, you must be certain of which category your rental property falls into.

  • If you are a landlord looking with an individual tenant living in a bedsit, with a tenancy agreement relating to that one room, you are letting out a bedsit.
  • If you let out more than three bedsits within the same property, it is classified as a house of multiple occupation.

The rise of bedsit rental has come from expensive house prices and a volatile economy, and some people just prefer to downsize and enjoy a smaller, cheaper living space.

Bedsits differ from studio apartments, in that studios will often be entirely self-contained (with a kitchenette and en-suite bathroom), whereas a bedsit has shared areas, such as bathroom and kitchens, used by all other occupants in the building.

Beneficial Policy Inclusions

Unoccupied Property Cover

With no one living in your bedsit, you are losing money. Bedsits that are between or awaiting tenants, or if the building is undergoing renovations, redecoration, or repairs will be siphoning valuable money. With unoccupied property cover, you can ensure a regular income that will keep you going until the bedsit is able to be lived in again

Rent Guarantee and Legal Expenses

If a tenant does not pay rent (either they refuse or are left unable to due to a job loss or long-term illness), you may need to go to court in order to settle this dispute. Not only will you lose money in legal fees, but you will also still not be receiving the rent you rely on. With rent guarantee and legal expenses cover, these costs will be reimbursed

Public Liability Insurance

Whether you own a single bedsit or a larger property with several, ensuring you have the best landlord liability insurance is key. Being covered in the event of a member of the public being injured or involved in an accident is very important. As the landlord of the bedsit, it will be your responsibility to cover the legal or medical costs for anyone who has an accident on the premises

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