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Why use QuoteSearcher?

Japanese vehicles are among the best-loved in the world – from their design to their reliability, there are many reasons why driver s choose to import from Japan.

Having your vehicle protected against all situations is integral for your peace of mind and the ongoing enjoyment of your car.

QuoteSearcher are partnered with a selection of dedicated brokers who specialise in offering competitive Japanese import car insurance. One simple form starts the process to extensive cover at a great price.

Policy Features for Japanese Car Insurance

Agreed values

Compensates more than the market value in the event of total loss. Find out more about Agreed Values Cover.

Limited mileage discounts

Cheaper premium for staying under agreed mileage. Find out more about Limited mileage discounts.

Modified vehicles

Cover for approved vehicle modifications. Read more about Insurance for Modified vehicles.

Multi-car policies

Protection for more than one vehicle on a single policy.

UK & EU Cover

Protection when using vehicle to travel locally and in Europe. Find out more about EU Cover.

Windscreen and Glass

Replacement glass in the event of chips and broken glass. Read more about Glass and Windscreen Cover.

Reducing Your Premium

Our partners offer bespoke insurance policies, so you can tailor it suit your own specific needs. Cover is available even if you have modified your the car.

Additionally, the following measures can help reduce the price of your policy:

  • Limited annual mileage – restricting mileage reduces risk and wear on the vehicle
  • Car club membership – car clubs offer access to unique resources and information
  • Extra security  such as an immobilizer, dashcam (CCTV) or lockable storage.
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Frequently Asked Questions About Japanese Import Car Insurance

    • Do I need Japanese Import Car Insurance?
      If you choose to import a Japanese car the likelihood is that it will have different specifications than cars from other countries around the world.  As such, it would be wise to insure it with a policy that is tailor-made for Japanese cars and designed to cover you against any common issues.
    • What information do you need?
      If you have chosen to import a vehicle from Japan, or any other country in the world for that matter, it is essential that you ensure all the paperwork is filled out properly.  By law, all imported vehicles must meet the UK’s safety and emissions regulations, otherwise not only will it not be road legal but you could also struggle to find an insurance policy.  Before you apply for car insurance for Japanese imports, make sure that you have correctly registered your vehicle with the DVLA, made any modifications necessary and paid the right amount of tax for the vehicle.  Once this is complete you will be able to enjoy your new passion!
    • Is Japanese Import Car Insurance Expensive?
      The cost of your premiums will be based on a number of factors, including the rareness of the vehicle, its cost and how you intend to use it.  Naturally, if your Japanese car will cost more to fix above other European cars your premiums will increase to cover this.  There are ways that you can save money on your imported car, however having a previous no claims bonus or only using your car as a secondary vehicle will likely increase your total savings.
    • How will I know if a car has been imported?
      You will need to check the specification. A UK specification means that the car has been made specifically for the UK. A non-UK specification car can be difficult to insure because parts for it may not be available in the UK. Car insurance premiums may therefore be higher for imports.
    • What should I do if I want to amend my insurance policy?
      If you wish to amend your car insurance policy, you should contact your insurer by telephone or by email. They will then deal with your request appropriately. Most insurance providers will allow you to amend your policy at any stage.
    • If my car is garaged, alarmed and immobilised, will this help?
      If your car is garaged, alarmed and immobilised it will likely result in you being offered a discounted premium for your car insurance quote. However, to receive a quote you will not necessarily need to have any of the above.
    • Will my car insurance cover track days or any form of competition racing?
      Racing, competitions, rallies, trials, track days and 4×4 off road events are not covered under a normal car insurance policy. It may be that you can purchase a special type of insurance for such events. If you wish to seek any further insurance advice about participating in such events, then it may be worth speaking to your insurer.
    • If my car has been modified, will it be more difficult to arrange car insurance?
      Modified cars are certainly more difficult to source car insurance quotes for. Most insurers prefer to cover vehicles by volume and are therefore not keen to manually scrutinize risks on an individual basis, this restricts the available insurer markets. Modified cars are also likely to have higher premiums as they will carry more risks.
    • What will happen if I do not have car insurance?
      It is a illegal to not insure your car. If you are found to be breaking the law by not having car insurance, you could be heavily fined and even sent to prison. You could also be disqualified from driving.

I bought my insurance online before and the quote process was so lengthy and complicated compared with the process on your site. Great stuff!

Mike Dennis - Woking

What a refreshing site! It actually does what it says on the label. This seems a bit of a rarity in the world of comparison sites! Well done on doing it properly.

Dr Horwell - Cheshire