The Geneva Motor Show 2015

Image of Ferrari BadgeThis year marks the 85th anniversary of the Geneva Motor Show and it is expected to be as spectacular as ever. All of the major brands including Aston Martin, Audi, Mercedes and many more will be appearing at the show with their new and improved vehicles. At the press preview event on Monday some of the main vehicles in this year’s show were debuted including the Bentley EXP, Audi R8 and Vauxhall Viva. We have previously written about The Most Expensive Celebrity Cars however even some of those don’t compare to the new cars seen at The Geneva Motor Show! (more…)

Are Black Cabs being squeezed out of the Market?

Image of London TaxiWith the introduction and advancement of any form of new technology there comes a change, a change which usually leads to those who use the old system losing out. This is what we are currently experiencing in the UK taxi trade as the introduction of taxi Apps such as Uber have led to traditional taxi drivers being squeezed out of the market. (more…)

The Best Executive Cars of 2015

Image of Mercedes E ClassEvery fleet owner, especially a business fleet owner wants their selection of cars to be smart and professional. It can be very difficult to find attractive looking cars that are also fuel efficient and cheap. However, Auto Express have put together some of the best executive cars of 2015. (more…)

Used-Car PCPs positive news for Dealers and Customers

Image of financeA Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) is a type of car financing where you don’t pay for the entire cost of the car just for the depreciation, meaning you are essentially borrowing the car but only repaying a portion of the cost. However, PCP agreements still have a balloon payment at the end and there are several different ways of dealing with this. Fortunately for both motor traders and customers, a new type of dealer PCP finance for used cars will soon be brought in, helping them compete better in the market. We previously spoke about bargain deals for motor traders in 2015 so hopefully the used-car PCP scheme will be of help too. (more…)

Uber continues to expand across Europe


Image of Uber Logo

In a move that may displease some taxi drivers, the controversial taxi App Uber has announced that not only are they planning on offering their services in Scotland but that they are also launching a new service delivering takeaways. Even though numerous countries across the world have criticised Uber drivers for their lack of skills and safety it seems as though this has done little to stop the company expanding at a rapid pace.


Running an Eco-Friendly Taxi

Image of Vauxhall AmperaRenewable energy has become a hot topic over the last decade in a bid to lower our carbon emissions as a country. As a result, we have been given recycling bins presented with the option of solar panels, been repeatedly told the benefits of green power and now even have a choice of eco-friendly vehicles to purchase. (more…)