Enter our Competition to Win a Lifetime Supply* of Car Air Fresheners! (*Kind Of)

Image of competition prizeThis month we thought we would do something a little bit different in our competition by giving away a lifetime supply of car air fresheners! (more…)

Servicing and Maintaining your Cars

Image of mechanicAs a motor trader you can have hundreds of cars to look after and maintain all at once, which can sometimes be a very tricky task. If you don’t keep your cars well maintained they can begin to deteriorate quickly and you could end up being hit with a large repair bill. We have previously written about how motor traders can make profit and if you don’t follow these tips you may end up losing money… (more…)

Tips for your Classic Car in Winter

Image of classic car in snowThis January there have been amber warnings for cold weather, with the possibility of snow and ice on the roads worrying motorists all around the UK. Often, when it snows in the UK everything completely shuts down as no one knows how to deal with it and any kind of transportation is almost impossible. We previously spoke about how to prepare your motorhome for the winter so here are some top tips on how to drive and look after your classic car in these dangerous conditions. (more…)

Challenges and Opportunities for Fleets in 2015

Image of motor fleetAs many fleet owners will already know, the BVRLA is the trade body for the vehicle rental and leasing sector and this year they have announced the challenges and opportunities for motor fleets. Luckily for fleet owners, they have predicted that in 2015 there will be growth within the industry, and in a recent interview with Fleet World, Gerry Keaney, chief executive of the BVRLA, spoke of his predictions for the fleet industry. We have previously written a blog about how fleets will change in the future however these are some changes that we are seeing here and now. (more…)

The Chief of Transport for London Speaks

Image of TfL logoIt’s no secret that there is no love lost between London’s taxi drivers and Transport for London (TfL), with many claiming that the government body is not doing enough to help those in the industry. Furthermore, over the past few years taxi drivers have held numerous protests against the taxi App Uber where they have called upon TfL to crack down on this controversial company. (more…)

The Most Expensive Celebrity Cars

Image of a Lambourghini When it comes to cars motor traders can often be a discerning lot, which is why if you ever put two or more in a room together you are guaranteed to have some heated debates! This is why in this article QuoteSearcher has listed some of the most famous car fans in the world and the vehicles they chose to splash their cash on… (more…)