Win a Flexible Lunchbox and Banana-Guard Carrier!

Image of Competition PrizesAs the summer approaches taxi drivers become even busier as everyone is out and about visiting the sites. This means that as a taxi driver you can find yourself travelling long distances for a considerable amount of time without having the chance to stop for lunch! (more…)

Britain’s Increase in Takeaway Shops

Image of hamburgerTakeaways and healthy eating has always been a problem in the UK with 66.6% of adult men being overweight and 57.2% of women in 2012. It doesn’t make it any easier with a wide range of takeaways opening all over the country especially in deprived areas according to new research. We previously wrote an article on shocking facts about takeaways and there is no way any of these facts will change if more and more takeaways keep opening. (more…)

Safety Procedures for your Motor Fleet


When it comes to managing a fleet, let alone a business, it is important that the safety of your staff is top of the list. This can be achieved in a variety of ways from assessing situations when accidents do occur to regular maintenance checks on the vehicles that will be driven. Before you can decide on the best ways to implement safety procedures for your drivers, you need to determine which type of fleet you are managing as the processes put in place are likely to differ. (more…)

Update: Marketing your restaurant

Image of marketingWe know that marketing your restaurant can become very time consuming and end up costing a lot of money however it is well worth it and will increase your brand awareness. We previously wrote a blog about marketing your restaurant however a lot has changed since then so we thought you could do with an update. Here are some top tips for marketing your restaurant… (more…)

Win a Boot Organiser and Back of Seat Cooler Bag!

Whether you have children, a dog or just carry a lot of stuff around in your car, we all know that it can end up in a mess once in a while. This is why here at QuoteSearcher we are giving away a boot organiser and a car cooler bag! (more…)

The Cost of Becoming a Taxi Driver

Image of car keysOne of the biggest turn-offs for those thinking about becoming a taxi driver is the fact that it can cost a considerable amount of money. Not only do you have to potentially purchase a new vehicle but also a licence, tests and, of course, taxi insurance. However, before you decide that there is no way you can afford to become a taxi driver you need to take a step back and look at each cost one-by-one. By doing this (and employing some clever money-saving methods) the cost of becoming a taxi driver could be less than you think! (more…)