Making the Freight and Logistics Sector more Eco-Friendly


The environmental issues that surround vehicles on the road have been talked about for many years and action plans have been put in place to encourage people and businesses to own more eco-friendly vehicles.

Now, operators, business leaders and trade associations are looking at the freight and logistics industry and how they can provide safer and cleaner deliveries. At the Changing Times Delivery London’s Future conference there were a range of partners that joined together to talk about how they can improve the efficiency within this sector as London is currently experiencing one of the biggest booms within the construction industry in a generation. (more…)

London taxi drivers brand TfL “woefully inadequate”

Image of Taxi Protest in LondonIf you were in London the other week you would have had a tough time getting around Oxford Street as hundreds of taxi drivers staged a protest against Transport for London (TfL). It is no secret that the London taxi trade has a difficult relationship with TfL as they feel that the government body is not doing enough to protect the industry and recently branded them as “woefully inadequate”. (more…)

Motor Trade FAQ’s – The DVLA

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The DVLA website is an information hub for any motorist looking for advice on driving, tax, MOTs, licences and more. It is an executive agency of the Department for Transport (DfT) whose main responsibility is keeping a register of drivers and vehicles in Great Britain. The DVLA use this information and data to improve safety on the roads, monitor crime related to vehicles, promote and encourage environmental initiatives and limit vehicle tax evasion. (more…)

Top 7 Restaurants & Pubs for St George’s Day

St George's Flag


St Georges Day is approaching and we all know that some like to celebrate with a drink and maybe a boogie. We previously spoke about Some of the Best Restaurants on the Tastecard in London so now we will give you some advice on where to visit for the best food and drink on St George’s Day. (more…)

The Ultimate Guide to London Taxis and Taxi Apps

The Ultimate Guide to London Taxis and Taxi Apps

If you have ever been to London you will know that there is a plethora of London taxi companies to choose from however it’s not always easy to decide which one is right for you. These days there is so much choice that it can sometimes be confusing, which is why QuoteSearcher has created our very own guide to London taxis and taxi apps!

Below you will find some of the most popular London taxi services and apps as well as the benefits and disadvantages of each one. Check it out and make sure next time you’re in London you choose the taxi service that is right for you! (more…)

Are diesel car drivers being ripped off?

Image of electric carEven though the price of petrol has gone down recently the same can’t be said about diesel prices in the UK. The AA have said that motorists have been paying £3 more than they should be to fill up their tank of petrol due to retailers not passing on the decrease in the price of oil. Retailers are thought to be paying the same wholesale price for diesel as they are for petrol according to the motoring organisation. (more…)