Static Caravan Park Plans Withdrawn

Plans for a static caravan park have been withdrawn after seven years of planning. Park Leisure 2000 applied to Durham County Council for permission to open a new park. They say the new site would have created 43 new jobs for people in the local area. They also said that it would have boosted tourism in the area by £1.7 million a year.

The plans were for the site to be home to 301 static caravans, which would be covered with static caravan insurance, where the Beechburn Quarry used to be between High Grange and Witton Park.

People living in the surrounding villages opposed the plans because they felt that the roads were oo narrow for extra traffic. It was also claimed that some of the proposed caravans would be situated on flood plain.

Park Leisure 200 have issued a statement that says, “It is with great regret that, after seven years of developing the scheme and taking it through the planning system, Park Leisure 2000 Ltd has chosen to withdraw the planning application and concentrate their investment and development programme in other countries around the UK.”

There have been no reasons made available as to why the plans were withdrawn but a number of groups opposed the idea including the Environment Agency and Natural England. Also departments within the council opposed the idea to protect the countryside.

Terry Coult is an ecologist and he has said, “A large-scale development of 300 caravans will have impacts from light, noise, dogs etc. in what is now a dark and quiet wetland habitat.”

Buying in America

Five years ago is when the economic crisis started. This was down to the property market in America after Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac spent years accumulating assets that were worthless. As a result of this, no one has wanted to touch the American housing market including us here in the UK but there are signs that this is about to change.

Before the crunch, property prices in America were strong and substantial was key to growth here. However, when the crunch hit however, this false value evaporated and prices sank rapidly. Buying a house in America now, you could be getting up to a 50 per cent discount on what was seen in 2007.

People from around the world see America as a great place for a holiday, even those living there. With the huge discount too, those looking for a holiday home, are looking at the perfect time to buy.
There is a huge amount of choice in the USA so choosing the right property in the right state can be daunting. Some places can be crossed of the list immediately as some banks in certain areas are still weary of offering mortgages. However states like California and Colorado are safe bets as these attract thousands of holiday makers a year.

This is perfect for landlords looking for a new opportunity at a bargain price. If you do decide to purchase a property abroad, make sure you choose the right landlord insurance policy. Especially if you are planning on a property in America as it is not just a stone’s throw away if there is an emergency. Make sure you have done your research and choose which areas are best for you.

Motorhome destruction' sees man jailed

Destructed MotorhomeA retired Tauranga couple who had their motorhome, worth more than $100,000, stolen and then torched by a 21-year-old local man are disgusted he has received only 20 months jail.
The Welcome Bay couple aged in their 60s, who do not wish to be named, told the Bay of Plenty Times Weekend that Jordan Hall’s jail sentence was woefully inadequate. They had expected him to get at least four to five years’ jail.

Part of Hall’s 20-month sentence includes time for stealing a solo mother-of-four’s uninsured car, which he subsequently crashed. It also comes on top of a two years and three months jail sentence he received on August 27 for aggravated burglary and cannabis possession.

The aggravated burglary charge related to Hall waving a wrench at woman after she discovered him on her Waitaha Rd property on July 31, before running off. Hall was sentenced in Tauranga District Court last week by Judge Louis Bidois, after he earlier pleaded guilty to charges of arson, burglary and unlawfully taking a car.

Those offences were committed between July 15 and July 18 this year.
The court was told how on July 15, Hall had stolen the 7.3m motorhome from a secure lockup in Brook St and drove it to an associate’s rural Oropi property, and then abandoned it after it became stuck in a swamp.

The motorhome was subsequently recovered by police and towed to Rowe Motors but three days later, at 2am, Hall climbed the security fence and set fire to a mattress inside the motorhome before fleeing in another vehicle also stored at the yard. The motorhome was gutted in the ensuing blaze. The owners of the motorhome said that when the vehicle was first recovered it had been completely stripped and trashed inside.

“I’d just completed servicing the motorhome and cut and polished it ready for our holiday this month, and when I was first told it was stolen my stomach dropped through the floor,” the man said.

“We had saved a long time to buy a motorhome and spent a lot of money on making it completely self-sufficient for our needs. It is absolutely gut-wrenching that someone could destroy it just for the hell of it.”

“It’s felt like someone had broken into our home and burnt it down.”

Always make sure you have a good, valid motorhome insurance policy!

Banned from All You Can Eat Restaurant

Two diners have been banned for life from a Mongolian all you can eat restaurant for eating too much.

George Dalmon is 26 and Andy Miles is 25 and both were asked to leave and never return from Gobi Mongolian Barbecue Restaurant in Brighton. This was because they ate five bowls of food before being called “pigs” by the manager and thrown out.

George Dalmon said, “They only give you small bowls and you cannot get enough food in there so we always go back for more.

“We have been eating there regularly for a couple of years but suddenly the owner came to our table and started going mental in front of the other customers.

“He said we were eating him out of business and called us a couple of pigs. I asked if he was joking and he told us we were banned for life.”

Comments on TripAdviser seem to say the bowl sizes are perfect sizes especially if you want to try a variety of cuisines before you get full up.

Having two less customers may save him some money as the all you can eat price is only £12. This will help him pay for expenses including, paying staff, restaurant insurance and rent.

Having said this, the website does say that you can eat as much as you wish for only £12.

The manager of the restaurant commented on the situation saying, “Basically these two guys just come in and pig out. I have put up with them for two years but have had enough.

“They spoil it for everyone else and are in such a hurry to get to the food so none of the other diners ge a look in.

“We are not a charity. We are a business. It is our restaurant and we can tell people not to come back if we want to.”

The Motorhome that has everything…

Motorhome that has everythingPrices for the bus start at around £750,000 and rise to about £1.2 million, and may well be worth every single penny. A brand-new state-of-the-art motorhome which has been called “the palace on wheels” has been showcased in a special report by The Sun newspaper.

The newly-built Volkner Mobil Performance Bus offers an incredible level of luxury for its owners with each model carefully designed over a period of 12 months.
Already, many orders have been received from wealthy buyers all around the world. No expense has been spared on this 40ft long vehicle, with luxury leather sofas and a full-size real wood kitchen fitted as standard.

Amenities also include a dishwasher, microwave and impressively large fridge-freezer. The luxuries don’t end there either, with a widescreen TV on hand alongside Bose-Dolby-home Entertainment Surround Sound also present for on-board entertainment. Bathroom facilities are very impressive, with a standard toilet and power shower provided. We would dread to think how much the Motorhome Insurance would cost. It also features a hidden ‘garage’ tucked between the front and rear wheels which is designed to accommodate a low-slung sports car such as a Ferrari or Lamborghini!

Rugby Star’s Restaurant Named Best in Wales

A restaurant that is co-owned by Welsh rugby players Stephan Jones and Dwayne Peel has won the AA Award for best restaurant in Wales.

The Sosban, the restaurant that won the award is situated in Llanelli and is a great achievement as it has only been open for a year.

The restaurant seats 100 people at one time and the huge amount of business definitely makes it easier to pay for the restaurant insurance bill!

The owners said, “It is fantastic to be given such a prestigious award in our first year of business, it is a tribute to all the directors and the team at Sosban.”

They have a policy to use local food and drink and showcase it to the best of their ability. This is led by the head chef at the restaurant Sian Rees. She is one of the best female chefs in the UK and has worked for restaurants such as Claridges and L’Escargot. She decided to return to her home in West Wales and runs Sosban with her partner Ian Wood who is the general manager.

Dwayne Peel added, “It was an honour to be in the company of such a high profile restaurateurs and a wonderful feeling when Sosban was announced as the best restaurant in Wales.”

Stephan Jones also commented on the award being an honour saying, “This award crowns a memorable year for us. We are all immensely proud that we offer top quality food from local suppliers in wonderful surroundings and which makes Sosban a unique dining experience.”

The restaurant has already won AA rosettes earlier on in the year.