Young Drivers finding it hard to Finance Vehicles

Learner Plate

As soon as you turn seventeen it is pretty much a given that you will want to learn to drive as soon as possible. Most young people apply for their provisional licenses as soon as they are sixteen and it is quite common for youngsters to have their first driving lesson on their seventeenth birthday. However, passing the driving test is no longer the issue: the cost of running a car is becoming more of a problem for the younger generation. (more…)

How can illegal taxi services be tackled?

Image of FacebookIt often seems as though taxi drivers are constantly battling illegal taxi services from all sides, and recently we have heard of another issue: illegal taxi or “lift offering” services on social media sites. Over the past few years sites such as Facebook and Twitter have become increasingly popular which has led to a rise in these “lift offering” services.

HMRC Targeting Motor Traders for Tax Return Forms

Image of VAT calculationsIt has just been announced that car dealers or repairers who haven’t been filling in their tax returns properly are being targeted by the HMRC in a new campaign. Within the motor trade there has been a number of changes this year including the abolishment of the paper tax disc, so it’s essential that you make sure your business up to scratch when it comes to the HMRC. (more…)

How can Taxi Drivers help Disabled Passengers?

Image of Disabled BadgeAs a taxi driver you offer a service to your customers, a service which you are required to adapt on a fare to fare basis. One example of when a taxi driver may be required to adapt their service is when one of their passengers has a disability, as it means that you may have to change the way you look after your fare. Here at QuoteSearcher we often provide information on how taxi drivers can stay within the law as well as increase their chances of getting a tip, which is why being disability-friendly can make a huge difference… (more…)

Plate Trade-Ins Hit Motor Trade Prices

Image of used carsWhile it’s easy to assume that used car prices are more or less fixed over time and only vary according to what car you’re looking to buy and the condition it’s in, the seasons actually have an enormous impact on motor prices. There are fluctuations around and just after Christmas for example, where money is usually tight, but in April and May, when pay rises start to come in, dealers often see an increase in business.

Another important factor to consider is the timing of your purchase in accordance to the number plate system. The UK released the new 14 number plate in March for new car buyers, and the effects of the change on the used car market are just starting to set in… (more…)

Electric Car Grant Running Out

Image of Electric CarAs a motor trader you may have bought an electric car and been helped out with a £5000 government grant. The government were encouraging people to buy electric cars and the grant scheme began due to the high levels of pollution in the UK. When the push for electric cars began, the UK did not respond however, things have changed over the past couple of years. We previously wrote a Guide for Motor Traders for Going Green but since then a lot has changed. (more…)