Taking your Motorhome to a Festival

Motorhome in a campsiteThe festival season is just a few weeks away, and already people have got their tickets and are looking forward to a few days away with their motorhome. However, going to a festival is not like going on a regular motorhome holiday, and so there are a number of things you need to think about before you head off. So here we give you some tips so that you can have a great time at your next festival! (more…)

Lorry collision leaves Sevenoaks jeweller in shock

A SEVENOAKS jeweller says he is stunned that no one was injured after a lorry swerved into scaffolding outside his store.
Gary Ware of Francis Jones says dazed shoppers wandered under the unstable structure straight after the collision which happened Thursday, last week. (more…)

Getting your Motorhome ready for Spring

Man Cleaning MotorhomeNow that the weather is so much warmer and we have two bank holiday weekends coming up this month, many motorhome owners are planning taking their motorhomes out of storage and planning their next trip. However, before you think about driving your motorhome you need to make sure that you perform some essential checks and give it a bit of well-deserved TLC – otherwise you could find yourself breaking down not long after you have left! (more…)

Social Housing Sector Update

Newspapers Some landlords believe that there is little that links the private and social housing sectors; however with the current housing crisis it’s becoming more and more important for private landlords to understand what is happening in the social housing sector and vice versa. Often, it’s too easy to skip over an important story in the news because you think that it does not apply to you, so here we have chosen the most important information all landlords should know about the social housing sector: (more…)

The Most Luxurious Motorhomes in the World

Country Coach Prevost RVThere has been a massive increase recently in the UK public investing in motorhomes due to the fact that a motorhome holiday can often be much cheaper than a traditional one. However, there are some motorhomes available that are a little bit more luxurious – and so expensive that they would cost you about ten times more than your average holiday! Here we look at some of the biggest and most expensive motorhomes in the world: (more…)

Handling Tenant Arguments

Two people arguingTenants are often quite vocal when it comes to something they are unhappy about, which is why at one point or another it is highly likely that as a landlord you will receive an angry phone call or letter. Most landlords would prefer not to get into an argument with their tenants as it just adds extra stress to their already busy job, however there are times where it is unavoidable. So here we give you some tips on how to handle these arguments: (more…)