Government Implements Changes to Save Drivers Money

Driving LicenceIn December we published an article discussing how people would soon no longer have to present the paper part of their car insurance certificates when applying for road tax, and that paper tax discs will soon be defunct. Now, the government have announced that they are planning to move all driving records online in order to save money and make the process of gaining information easier.

According to the government, migrating drivers’ data from offline to an online database will help people save money on their car insurance, as providers will no longer have to increase premiums in order to factor in people lying on their applications. Finding a person’s driving record is currently difficult for car insurance providers, which means that many choose to increase premiums automatically. However, once the details are online providers will be able to quickly compare the information provided by a customer and their driving records to ensure they are telling the truth. (more…)

The QuoteSearcher Blog: Your Hub for Taxi Updates

Image of Black TaxiWelcome to the brand new QuoteSearcher blog, where taxi drivers from across the UK can find everything they need to know about the taxi industry.  At QuoteSearcher we specialise in helping people find affordable yet extensive taxi insurance, however that doesn’t mean we shy away from all other aspects of the taxi industry.

At QuoteSearcher we believe that in order to help our customers find the best taxi insurance policies we need to have an in-depth knowledge of everything they face on a day to day basis.  This is one of the reasons we only work with brokers who have previous experience finding taxi insurance quotes for private hire and public hire customers.

So what will you find in the QuoteSearcher Blog? Here we look in more detail: (more…)

Motor Trade Industry already adapting for 2014

Image of TyresJust last week QuoteSearcher posted an article discussing what 2014 may bring for the motor trade industry, however it seems as though changes are already well under way. With the continuing increase in car sales across the UK companies are altering their business strategies in order to gain a share of the improving market. Here, we look at some of the most poignant changes that have occurred in the build up to 2014 and the first few days of the year: (more…)

What will 2014 bring for the Motor Trade Industry?

Image of 2014 CalendarOver the past few years the motor trade industry has been through various ups and downs, however last week we reported that in November the amount of new car registrations in the UK increased once again. For motor traders this was extremely good news, however many are still asking whether this growth in the market will continue during 2014.

In order to answer these queries, the Society for Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) has claimed that the growth we are currently seeing in the industry is ‘sustainable’ and therefore could last well into next year. However, President of the SMMT, Tim Abbott, added that motor traders need to be careful not to stretch their businesses too much in the near future, otherwise this could lead to another market crash. (more…)

Staging your Home for New Buyers in the New Year


With the New Year just around the corner many people are planning on make changes to their lives including selling their homes. If you are a landlord who is struggling to find a tenant for a property, or have had to update your landlord insurance to include unoccupied property insurance, you may want to consider selling your property too. If this is the case the first thing you need to think about is how to entice people to purchase your property through staging.

Viewings over Christmas are not advisable as it tends to be a busy time for landlords and house prices often fall. However, once things return to normal in the New Year there are a few things you can do to make sure you attract as many potential buyers as possible.

Heating On

The first thing to do is make sure that the property is warm before the viewing: a cold home is not an inviting home. As you aren’t living in the property yourself you can always set a timer to come on before the viewers arrive, this way the house will be warm and noisy boilers won’t kick in mid-viewing. (more…)

Fastest Selling Cars of November Revealed

Image of Sale SignA few weeks ago QuoteSearcher posted an article discussing how the motor trade industry is growing, and that many in the industry expect for this growth to continue in 2014. We also revealed another piece of good news for motor traders, as the amount of new registrations reported in November was also on the rise, meaning that more and more people are investing in new cars. (more…)