Picking the Right type of Taxi Insurance for your Business

Row of coloured taxisAt QuoteSearcher we specialise in helping customers find competitively priced taxi insurance policies, and as we work with a large amount of specialist brokers we are sure you can find one that is right for your business. However, how do you know which type of taxi insurance policy to start looking for? Depending on the size and type of your taxi company you will need a certain type of policy, and here we look at the different ones available: (more…)

Would you pay for Customers to Travel to your Restaurant?

Google's Driverless CarPetrol prices and the cost of public transportation are on the rise, while at the same time most people are struggling with the cost of living. This is one of the reasons why many establishments are seeing a decline in customers, as a night out not only depends on the amount you spend in your chosen establishment but also the cost of travel. This is why Google has come up with a plan to get businesses to start paying for their customers to be transported to their premises. Sounds like a crazy idea? See how Google thinks it would work: (more…)

Win a Travel Mug and Wrenchware Set!

QuoteSearcher January CompetitionHere at QuoteSearcher we know that motor traders are extremely passionate about what they do, and this passion can often overspill into every aspect of their lives. If you are a self-confessed motor trade addict, or you know someone that is, then you will love our Facebook competition to win a Travel Mug and Wrenchware Set! (more…)

4 Tips for Building up Customer Relationships

Image of MechanicRegardless of the type of motor trade you work in, you will always rely on your customers for your success. This means all motor traders should take the time to build up their relationships with both their existing and new customers, ultimately encouraging repeat business. Your reputation is one of the most valuable things to your company, and it only takes a few bad reviews for you to see a drop in business. So here we look at four ways you can build up your relationships with your customers: (more…)

Can we Predict the Cars of the Future?

Interior of VehicleWhen it comes to cars there is always a debate as to which models will someday become considered classics, however here at QuoteSearcher we are also interested in what is in store for cars in the future. As the motor trade industry is constantly changing it’s not easy to predict what the future will hold, however there are some signs that can point us in the right direction. Here, we look at some of the more likely changes we expect to see for motor vehicles in the future: (more…)

Government Implements Changes to Save Drivers Money

Driving LicenceIn December we published an article discussing how people would soon no longer have to present the paper part of their car insurance certificates when applying for road tax, and that paper tax discs will soon be defunct. Now, the government have announced that they are planning to move all driving records online in order to save money and make the process of gaining information easier.

According to the government, migrating drivers’ data from offline to an online database will help people save money on their car insurance, as providers will no longer have to increase premiums in order to factor in people lying on their applications. Finding a person’s driving record is currently difficult for car insurance providers, which means that many choose to increase premiums automatically. However, once the details are online providers will be able to quickly compare the information provided by a customer and their driving records to ensure they are telling the truth. (more…)