Accidents and your Taxi

Fast Moving TaxiGetting into an accident while on the road is bad enough if you’re in your own private vehicle, however if you’re in your taxi it can often feel ten times worse. Usually, there are more serious consequences if you are involved in an accident in your taxi compared to if you were in your own vehicle, so what can you do to minimise the damage? Here, QuoteSearcher provides four helpful tips: (more…)

The Increasing Popularity of the Family Fleet

Cars parked on the streetIn a recent report published by the traffic information firm Inrix, it was revealed that the average UK driver now spends around thirty hours a year in traffic. This figure increased from 2012 to 2013, with the main cause being that there are now more cars on the road. In fact, these days most households now own at least two or even three cars, showing a rise in what is known as the ‘family fleet’. Here, QuoteSearcher investigates the phenomenon: (more…)

Motor Traders gear up for 2014 Number Plate

14 plateAt the beginning of March each year motor traders start planning for an increase in business due to the introduction of a new number plate. This year, March 1st falls on a Saturday, which means that car dealers are expecting even more business than usual from those wanting a 14 plate vehicle. Furthermore, the car market has done extremely well over the past few months, meaning that it is likely that we will see a huge jump in new registrations this weekend. (more…)

Weeding out Rogue Landlords and Letting Agents

Image of House Key in DoorHere at QuoteSearcher we have helped numerous landlords over the years find competitive landlord insurance policies to protect their businesses. Most landlords take great pride when it comes to their property portfolios; however there are some that try to take advantage of the booming private rental sector by bending the rules. These people are generally referred to as ‘rogue landlords’ or ‘rogue letting agents’, and recently we have seen an influx in news stories discussing them. Here, we look at the main issues and what can be done to solve the problem of rogue landlords and letting agents: (more…)

The Long Running Issue of Taxi Competition in France

Image of France in French Flag ColoursIt’s often assumed that private hire and public hire taxi drivers don’t get along, as each one worries that the other is encroaching on their business. Competition is rarely welcomed by taxi drivers, as they rely on the amount of fares they pick up during each shift to make a decent amount of income as well as cover outgoings such as MOTs, petrol and taxi insurance.

However, in France there is a very different situation, as until recently the only type of taxis available were public hire ones, with no private hire companies being allowed to enter the market. Some tried in previous years, however on every occasion there were protests by taxi unionists, leading to government officials conceding and leaving the taxi industry in its original state. (more…)

Maintaining Different Types of Motor Fleets

Image of Van FleetRegardless of the type of vehicles your motor fleet consists of, you will need to have a plan in place in order to keep them all well maintained. Whether its cars, buses, vans, or even bicycles, it’s essential you keep them all in pristine condition as it will help them last longer and provide good value for money. So here, QuoteSearcher looks at some of the best ways to maintain different types of fleets: (more…)