Five Myths about Motor Fleets

Image of Car FleetIf you’re someone who is on the road a lot or works with a team of employees, the thought of taking on a motor fleet may well have crossed your mind. However, it’s quite likely that before you’ve investigated it thoroughly you will have come across a few problems that have led to you to drop the idea. It’s true that there are a lot of myths out there about motor fleets, but you don’t need to believe everything you hear. Here, we dispel some of the biggest myths about motor fleets. (more…)

Finance for Taxis: Keeping Tabs on your Fares

Image of £10 NotesIf you’re a self-employed taxi driver you most probably dread that period just before January when your tax return is due. As most of your fares come from cash it’s a difficult job keeping tabs on what are business expenses, what are personal and separating tips from fares. However, good record keeping is essential not just from a tax perspective, but also helps you determine whether you’re making the most out of the time you spend in your cab.

How can you make sure your finances are all in order? Here are our top tips for keeping track of your finances if you’re a self-employed taxi driver. (more…)

Motor Traders and the DVLA

Image of tax discThe relationship between motor traders and the DVLA has often been strained, as many feel that the DVLA throws up too much red-tape which hinders their businesses. This is why the DVLA recently announced that they are going to ‘shake up’ the agency by using more modern technology and letting businesses perform some of the services that only they used to be able to do.

However, as when most things change not everything has gone as smoothly as hoped, and here QuoteSearcher looks at some of the most pressing issues: (more…)

QuoteSearcher News Update: Budget 2014, Mitsubishi Fleets and the Fleet World Fleet Show

Mitsubishi LogoThis week has been extremely important for everyone in the UK, as George Osborne announced his plans in the Budget which will affect both businesses and individuals alike. The upshot of the Budget statement was that previous austerity measures have helped improve the UK economy, which means that they will likely remain in place for the foreseeable future.

However, this is not the only news that fleet managers should be paying attention to at the moment, as there have also been announcements from some of the key players in the industry. Here, QuoteSearcher looks at the news you need to know right now: (more…)

Taxi Drivers and The Budget

Image of George OsborneToday nearly the entire nation has been glued to televisions and news websites in order to find out more information on George Osborne’s Budget. In general, people are much more interested in this year’s Budget than usual due to the fact that the economy has started improving again and Britain is finally making its way out of the recession.

All George Osborne’s announcments today will have a huge impact on everyone living in the UK, including taxi drivers. So here QuoteSearcher looks at some of the most important Budget announcements for everyone involved in the taxi industry: (more…)

The 2014 Geneva Motor Show – Part 2

Image of Ferrari LogoLast week QuoteSearcher reported some of the hottest news to come from this year’s Geneva Motor Show, and now we are happy to say that there have been even more amazing developments over the past seven days. With the car market improving in leaps and bounds over recent months, it’s not surprising that a number of companies are using the show as an opportunity to reveal their biggest and best new vehicles and products, and here we look at some of the best: (more…)