Studying for ‘The Knowledge’

Image of London TaxiThere are some famously demanding exams in this world, but rivalling entrance to Oxford or Cambridge University, the Master Sommelier or the Chartered Financial Analyst exams is the taxi drivers’ equivalent, known simply as ‘The Knowledge’. The Knowledge requires an intimate understanding of the geography of London and is an essential step towards displaying that Green Badge in the front of your cab.

But how can you be sure you’re prepared for when you have to make that first ‘appearance’? It can be a very daunting time, so how can you be as ready as possible? (more…)

Sourcing Second-Hand Vehicles

Image of Second Hand Cars for SaleIn the motor trade industry vehicles change hands on a regular basis, and without this constant movement of vehicles and change of ownership the industry would practically grind to a halt. This is why at one point or another it is likely that you will need to source second-hand vehicles, however the way in which you go about this will rely heavily on what you need them for. So here QuoteSearcher looks at some of the ways you can source second-hand vehicles in a timely and cost-effective manner: (more…)

Dealing With Damages in your Motor Fleet

Image of damaged carA fleet manager’s role is wide and numerous and can involve anything from making sure that your cars are all in the right place at the right time to dealing with misuse and damages. Unfortunately, the first half of that equation is usually a lot easier than the second, as dealing with damages can be one of the most difficult parts of any fleet manager’s job. So how can you deal with vehicle damages, make your staff aware of your policies and ensure you have a system in place that works for you? (more…)

Could you be a Taxi Driver?

Image of a TaxiIn the UK we have a tendency to work long hours, not take much holiday and feel unsatisfied with the work that we do. Of course, there’s an element of dissatisfaction in almost every job, but if you’ve ever thought that you’d like a change of scenery and a new challenge then you will have probably considered working for yourself.

Among the many possibilities there are for self-employed people, one which constantly reoccurs is becoming a taxi driver. It’s certainly a business where there’s lots of demand, and it’s a definite change in lifestyle if you’re used to sitting behind a desk for eight or nine hours a day. However, is it realistic and could you actually handle being a taxi driver? (more…)

Win a London Taxi Print and a Boot Organiser with QuoteSearcher!

QuoteSearcher May CompetitionIt’s essential for all taxi drivers to stay organised regardless of whether they are private or public hire, as by being organised not only can you ensure that you are making the most out of each shift but you will also be more likely to secure a steady income. (more…)

Win a Gear Stick Bottle Stop and Chocolate Road Signs!

QuoteSearcher May CompetitionIf you work in the fleet industry then you may have noticed certain aspects of your work crossing over into your personal life. For instance, you may constantly be reading up on new fleet technology or the latest vehicles to hit the market, as having all this knowledge not only helps improve your business but is also something you can be personally proud of! (more…)