Fleet Managers Increasingly Investing in Electric Vehicles

Image of Electric CarFleets are currently evolving so rapidly that some would be barely recognisable just a few years ago. An influx in new technology and electric vehicles has enabled fleet managers and operators to save thousands of pounds a year on fuel and fleet insurance, reduce their emissions and offer their customers a wider range of services. For example, executive chauffeur car services provider Comfort Executive has recently partnered with electric vehicle operator eConnect Cars in order to provide their customers electric vehicles. (more…)

Five Top Tips for an Alternative Motorhome Holiday

Image of CampervanSummer is fast approaching and the temperatures are getting warmer, which means that motorhome owners across the country are starting to think about their holidays and yearning for the beach. However, a motorhome summer holiday doesn’t just have to be about sandy sandwiches and busy motorways, as there’s so much more to see and do in the UK! So here are our five top tips for an amazing, alternative motorhome summer holiday: (more…)

Dealing with Customer Disputes: A Guide for Taxi Drivers

Two people entering a black cabAlthough it’s made of metal and glass, your taxi isn’t always the safest place to be. Often you’re on your own in the small hours of the night, and there usually isn’t any fall-back if there’s a disagreement with a customer. Your safety should always be your own priority in a cab, but sometimes things can get difficult with customers and disputes need resolving.

So to help you keep safe while you’re on the job, here’s our guide to dealing with customer disputes. (more…)

Managing Your First Small Fleet

Image of Car FleetSome motor fleets have a designated manager, and it’s certainly the case that bigger fleets need somebody managing and organising them on a full time basis. However, smaller fleets don’t necessarily need full-time management, but they do require someone to keep things ticking over. Perhaps you’re involved with a small yet growing business and you’ve taken on a number of cars, or maybe you’re thinking of reallocating your fleet management to an admin team.

Car fleets can be a great asset to a business, but they can also be extremely expensive if they’re not properly looked after. So how should you go about managing your car fleet, make sure it’s not costing you more than it should and get started in your new role as a fleet manager? (more…)

Five Top Tips for Building a Customer Base

Image of two hands shakingIf there is one thing that motor traders can always offer their customers it’s their expertise. Whether you’re helping customers find the best deals on new cars, repairing damaged or worn down vehicles, or helping learners make the most of their driving lessons, you’re always using your expertise. Therefore loyalty and trust are enormous factors in the motor trade industry and are essential for building up a good customer base.

So to help you drive your business that little bit further, here are QuoteSearcher’s five top-tips for building up a loyal and profitable client list: (more…)

QuoteSearcher’s Top Five Tip-Boosting Tactics

Image of two pound coinsTips are an essential part of any taxi driver’s income, and with most tips ranging from around ten per cent to a generous round-up of a fifteen pound fare to a twenty pound note, it’s important to know how to maximise your revenue from each fare. Of course, a tip is still a voluntary donation and you can’t expect every customer to tip well, if at all, but if you’re able to go the extra mile for your customers then there’s absolutely no reason why you wouldn’t deserve a great tip! So here’s our guide to getting the best you can out of every fare: (more…)