Self Drivings Cars and the Future of Car Insurance in the UK

white-tesla-on-grass-croppedAcross the world, technology continues to advance at an alarming rate. Things that a few years seemed like a distant, futuristic fantasy are now just part of our day-to-day lives. Although they have yet to perfect the jetpack, there is one piece of travel tech which is on the cusp of being made available commercially: autonomous vehicles.

Experts predict that by the 2020’s fully autonomous cars could be a common site on UK roads, and that by this point the vehicles will be ‘connected’. This means they can share information and communicate with other autonomous vehicles, with the aim being to reduce accidents and ease traffic and congestion. (more…)

Thinking of becoming a Black Cab driver? Here is what you need to know

cab-203486_1280A new year can be a great incentive to implement some changes in your life. Maybe that means getting in shape, or finally getting all the odd jobs round the house done. Or perhaps it means an even bigger change, such as pursuing a new career or really pushing yourself in your current one.

For many black cab drivers, this dilemma takes the form of debating whether or not to work for a taxi firm, or to go self-employed and try to make it on your own. Every cabbie you speak to will have their set of reasons why they prefer a firm or self-employment, and all are equally valid. New taxi drivers can find it quite an overwhelming choice, and even for older drivers sometimes change can still be a scary thing.
Here are some important factors for you to bear in mind if you are considering going self-employed as a black cab driver.


The UK’s Naughtiest Drivers, according to Driving Conviction

Christmas is a time to eat, drink and be merry. For many drivers, they get too merry, forget about all the drink, and mistakenly think if that eat before jumping into the driver’s seat they’ll be right as reindeer.

In fact, the festive period traditionally sees a spike in traffic and driving offences. Speeding down empty roads can be all too tempting if you are in a rush to get to Christmas dinner, and the last thing you would expect to see around the corner is a police car and a speed trap, which is exactly why they are there! Or perhaps you think it’s worth the risk driving without insurance, because you’re only going up the road and nobody is about anyway. The biggest problem is drink driving. As well as the reckless people who drive home from the pub on Christmas eve and can scarcely see straight, there are those who are driving the morning after the night before and are still under the influence, and therefore over the limit.

We looked at drivers from around the UK, and mapped the type of driving conviction to the region they’re from. This created our colourful map which clearly indicates where the worst behaved are from.

The Pros and Cons of Hackney Carriages

Image of Black Cabs in LondonHackney Carriages, more commonly known as black cabs, are one of the main ways people get around in London. If you’re flagging down a taxi service, it will most likely be a black cab; however even though they are handy they do also come with their disadvantages.

For instance, these reliable modes of transport are normally more expensive than if you pre-book but they are also extremely convenient. Black cab drivers have a fantastic knowledge of all the ins and outs of the roads, learning over 25,000 during their training, so getting around should be as quick as possible.

Here, we look at both the positive and the negatives of black cabs, including their benefits for customers based in our nation’s capital: (more…)

Everything Motor Traders need to know about Trade Plates – FAQs

Image of Trade platesAs a motor trader every car you own will need a trade plate which is a temporary number plate for car dealers or manufacturers to use on their unlicensed cars. Trade plates save you time and money as instead of registering and taxing every vehicle you can buy a trade plate for cars temporarily in your possession. We have previously spoken about The Growing Importance of Trade Plates for Motor Traders however here is everything else you need to know about trade plates. (more…)

Potential ban on Diesel cars in London

london-189074_960_720We previously wrote an article about the potential ban on diesel cars in London however now the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) has launched a campaign to “challenge the increasing demonisation of diesel” vehicles. The SMMT promotes the new Euro 6 standards law which will be put into place in September throughout Europe. The law limits nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions from diesel cars up to 80mg/km which will in turn decrease air pollution levels which are breaching many EU cities health regulations. (more…)