Potential ban on Diesel cars in London

london-189074_960_720We previously wrote an article about the potential ban on diesel cars in London however now the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) has launched a campaign to “challenge the increasing demonisation of diesel” vehicles. The SMMT promotes the new Euro 6 standards law which will be put into place in September throughout Europe. The law limits nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions from diesel cars up to 80mg/km which will in turn decrease air pollution levels which are breaching many EU cities health regulations. (more…)

Cars that keep their Value

Image of Range Rover When buying a car the amount you pay will never be the same as what you get back when it comes to selling it. The depreciation of a car can often be the highest cost associated with running it, meaning you end up losing a hefty amount of money. In this blog we have picked out some cars that, according to VIP Data, hold their value the best. This list will be very helpful when it comes to buying a new car as the depreciation of some cars is shocking. For example, the Vauxhall Insignia automatic with a 2.0T engine will cost you around £30,500 but after three years, if you want to sell the car, you would get a measly £6,400. This means the car would only be worth 21 per cent of what you originally paid for it, brand new. In a previous blogs we gave tips on buying a new car so here is another thing to think about when purchasing your new vehicle… (more…)

Government Cracks Down on Rogue Traders | Motor Traders

Image of Pound NotesUnfortunately, when some people think of the term ‘car trader’ an image enters their minds of a pushy salesman who tries to offload a sub-standard vehicle for an unfair price. The fact of the matter is that there are numerous car traders out there who work hard to provide their customers with the best price for a good value vehicle, however the rogue traders tend to ruin it for all of them. (more…)

Motor fleets concerned over new Dartford Crossing payment scheme

Image of Dartford CrossingThis month the Highways Agency is due to launch a new free-flow scheme at the Dartford Crossing which includes an electronic charging system that will do away with barriers and payment booths. However, the Agency has provided no official date for the opening of this system which is already weeks behind its initial launch date. In our previous blog – 4 ways to Make the Most out of your Motor Fleet – we discussed how fleet managers can reduce their running costs, which this new scheme could also help you achieve. (more…)

Are Taxi Drivers allowed to Refuse Fares?

Taxis at NightPreviously at QuoteSearcher we have discussed what taxi drivers should do if they encounter a difficult fare, however most taxi drivers would often rather avoid such a fare in the first place rather than deal with it when they have no other choice. However, there are certain rules concerning taxi drivers refusing fares, rules that cause a considerable amount of debate in the taxi industry. So here we look at the issue in more detail: (more…)

Used Car Market Events

Image of Used CarsOver the past few years the used car market has been booming as consumers have struggled to afford new vehicles due to the recession. However, this year the UK has officially started to move out of the recession which means consumers are feeling more confident about the economy and are therefore less stringent when it comes to purchases. In the motor trade world, this was particularly noticeable back in March when the new number plate came out as individuals started investing in new vehicles and trading in their old ones. (more…)