Smart Camera Fines Top Half a Billion Pounds!

Any driver will be familiar with this situation: you’re hurtling down the motorway, when you notice a new speed limit displayed on LED signs hanging above. The big question is do you slow down? Judging by the latest figures revealed, it seems like an awful lot of us do not!

Variable speed cameras were first installed on motorways across the UK in 2013, but in those four years alone, they have raised a staggering £526 million through speeding fines. (more…)

Driverless Cars to Hit UK Roads by 2019

Autonomous cars on a road with visible connectionThe idea of the autonomous, or driverless, car has been around for many moons. However, over the last couple of years this has gone from a distant invention to a very real prospect.

You may recall an article we published earlier this year, discussing the implications of driverless cars on the insurance industry, and the particularly difficult subject of liability.  According to plans unveiled today, we could see driverless cars being tested on our motorways and roads as soon as 2019!

A British consortium led by driverless software developers Oxbotica, known as The Driven group, is planning to test run a fleet of autonomous vehicles along the M40 between London and Oxford.  Although the cars will be able to communicate with each other, sharing information about potential upcoming hazards and so on, there will still be a human driver present. (more…)

Speeding Fines: Harsher Penalties for UK Drivers

Speeding fines increase across UK

As of today (April 24th) the way in which speeding fines are calculated in the UK is changing to a much stricter guideline.

Under the brand new guidelines, drivers caught doing up to 51mph in a 30mph zone or 101mph on a motorway will be fined a minimum of 150% of their weekly income, a healthy increase on the previous level of 100% of weekly income.

These new measures came into effect following a consultation by the Sentencing Council, who wanted to ensure a “clear increase in penalty” as the seriousness of the offence increases.

The Council went on to say that the previous guidelines failed to take into account the direct correspondence between the increase in speed and the increased level of harm associated with it.


Car Insurance: Renew or Shop Around?

When car insurance renewal time comes around, many of us simply sign on the dotted line and stick with whoever our chosen insurance company is for another year, paying little attention to the details or any changes in price or policy.

However, it is this type of mental disengagement which is playing directly into the hands of insurers. So before you blindly sign yourself up for another year’s protection, read through our car insurance renewal advice below. It could end up saving you money and help you get a better deal on your next policy!


Motorhome Tax: SORN Uninsured Vehicles or Face DVLA Fines

We recently came across a story from a frustrated motorhome owner.

He had been storing his motorhome off-road, on his own property, with no intention of taking it out on the roads. His motorhome was not insured as he was not using it, he had not renewed the tax either on the basis that in his eyes the vehicle was ‘off the road’.

Many motorhome owners will have found themselves in a similar position to this; motorhomes are fairly seasonal things. It is not unusual for a motorhome to go unused for several months at a time.

Despite all this, he still received a fine of £100.


He failed to make a Statutory Off Road Notification (SORN) to the DVLA.


Compensation Reforms: Will Premium Prices Increase?

The government are set to announce reforms to the personal injury compensation pay out process.

Today (March 20th), these new calculations will be put into effect, according to an announcement from the Ministry of Justice. They intend to cut the discount rate – also known as the Ogden Rate – used to determine lump sum compensation.

The question is what impact will this have on insurance premium prices? And who will benefit from these changes? And who will bear the brunt of these changes more, the insurer or the consumer? (more…)