Should the Knowledge Test be Scrapped?

Image of Taxis in a RowTaxi drivers that have passed the Knowledge test – particularly those based in London – will claim that it is extremely beneficial and enables drivers to provide their passengers high quality services. Without passing the Knowledge test some claim that taxi drivers are unable to navigate busy cities which are prone to traffic and unannounced road closures. This is why it there has been some controversy surrounding Merseyside recently as its council is debating scrapping the Knowledge test. So does this mean the Knowledge is not as valuable as once thought? (more…)

Why should you compare motor trade insurance policies?


We have all seen the reports claiming that the UK is doing better than most other European countries since the recession, however this doesn’t mean that some industries aren’t still feeling the after effects! (more…)

Mercedes- Benz Marco Polo Campervan

Image of Mercedes LogoMercedes-Benz has revealed their new campervan named the Mercedes-Benz Marco Polo which rivals the Volkswagen California. The campervan was first seen at the Caravan Salon in Dusseldorf. Westfalia helped with the design process and it is based on the V-Class with a kitchen, seats, beds, wardrobe and a retractable table. With space for up to four beds and a classic, sophisticated design with maximum space available, the Marco Polo is great for any kind of trip. We have previously written about campervan holidays in America and once this Mercedes is released it would be the perfect vehicle to do this in. (more…)

The Weirdest Landlord Stories

Image of Tenancy Agreement

Being a landlord is a time consuming, stressful job and along the way you will deal with both easy and difficult tenants. When becoming a landlord you will need to research all the legal procedures to make sure that your tenants can’t get away with anything that they shouldn’t. In previous blogs we have written about being aware of learner drivers, now here are some reasons to beware of your tenants! (more…)

How will Fleets change in the Future?

Image of motor fleetWhen you compare modern fleets to those twenty years ago you will see how much they have changed in just a short period of time, so what does this mean will happen in the next twenty years? Already, we are seeing a number of motor manufacturers experimenting with driverless technology, meaning that in the future fleets could be extremely different. (more…)

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As a fleet manager you will spend most of your time looking after a range of vehicles which often means working long hours. Keeping things organised and well maintained at home can therefore sometimes slip your mind, even though you probably have some great DIY skills! (more…)