QuoteSearcher is giving away a Rear Parking Camera!

QuoteSearcher-Comp-October-Blog-EXTENDEDIf you work with a fleet of vehicles then you will know that most accidents happen when drivers are parking or manoeuvring, and while these accidents aren’t usually dire they can still end up costing you money. So QuoteSearcher has decided to give a helping hand by giving away a Rear Parking Camera in our latest competition!


Coconuts, Cars and Carbon

Image of Low Emission CarLow emission cars are becoming increasingly popular with almost all manufacturers now producing electric or hybrid vehicles. The government has been trying to sway the British public to buy eco-friendly cars for a long time now and have even bought in incentives to encourage them such as exemption from congestion charges and even lower car tax payments. (more…)

“Skipchen” – The Restaurant Serving Left Over Food from Supermarkets

Image of coffee and bagelThere is a new not-for-profit restaurant in Bristol called Skipchen which is ran by a team of volunteers who use the food that supermarkets throw out after their best-before dates. There has recently been a considerable amount of news about the amount of food that is wasted due to people looking at best before dates, with seven million tonnes of food and drink being thrown out each year – a staggering 19 per cent of everything bought. In a previous blog we spoke about how to source food for your restaurant and this could be one way to go about it! (more…)

Taxi Drivers and Local Councils

Image of Town HallIt seems as though not a day goes by where we don’t see a news story about taxi drivers feeling frustrated with their respective local councils. The main cause of this is the fact that local councils have a lot of power when it comes to the taxi services in their constituencies, and sometimes taxi drivers don’t agree with the legislation set out by their MPs. This is an issue that has been raging on for years and even decades in some areas, which is why QuoteSearcher has chosen to look into it in more detail… (more…)

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As a motor trader you probably have a list as long as your arm of cars that you’ve always wanted to drive. However, unless you are extremely lucky and a customer brings one in it’s highly unlikely this will ever happen! (more…)

QuoteSearcher is giving away a European Travel Kit!


Are you already fed up with the winter weather here in the UK? If so, it’s likely you have thought about planning a trip to take advantage of the last rays of sunshine in Spain, Italy or the south of France. (more…)