Top tips for Setting up a Courier Business

Image of van drivingSetting up a courier company is a fantastic idea as internet shopping is becoming more and more popular and deliveries are booming. A few years ago you would have to wait around all day for a parcel if you wanted a receipt but nowadays it is the customer’s choice as to where and when the parcel is delivered. Courier companies are becoming more and more reliable and with most companies you can track where your parcel is and when it will turn up. Whether you have years of experience in the industry or just fancy doing something different here are some top tips to help you when setting up a courier company. (more…)

Making Your Failing Pub Successful

Image of beer taps
The pub industry has been hit hard over the past few years due to huge chains and supermarkets selling cheap alcohol. Pubs all around the country are being affected by large chains such as Wetherspoons due to the prices of their drinks. The British Beer & Pub Association has said that every week in Britain 52 pubs are closing their doors for the last time. Statistics have also shown that since 2002 the cost of a pint has increased by £1.21 and in 1982 there was a total of 67,800 pubs in the UK whereas now there are only 48, 006. If you are one of the many pub landlords that are worrying about their businesses then make sure you try our top tips to keep your pub successful… (more…)

DVLA criticised over Website Failures

Image of binaryOver the past few weeks QuoteSearcher has been providing updates on the abolishment of the tax disc, and this Wednesday the change officially went live. However, much like the rest of the government’s new scheme, the changeover did not go without a hitch as the DVLA website crashed due to the amount of users trying to buy tax online. Both motorists and motor traders have complained that in the run up to the tax disc abolishment the DVLA failed to supply enough information, which means it is no surprise that there was a surge of visitors to the website on October 1st. (more…)

Are you managing Grey Fleets properly?

Image of hands on steering wheelFleet operators are generally frustrated by grey fleets as even though your employees aren’t using company owned cars you still have to spend time managing them. These days companies are required to take on more ownership of their employees, including when they are using their vehicles for business purposes. However, some fleet managers are currently struggling when it comes to managing grey fleets, which is why QuoteSearcher has come up with this handy guide: (more…)

Should the Knowledge Test be Scrapped?

Image of Taxis in a RowTaxi drivers that have passed the Knowledge test – particularly those based in London – will claim that it is extremely beneficial and enables drivers to provide their passengers high quality services. Without passing the Knowledge test some claim that taxi drivers are unable to navigate busy cities which are prone to traffic and unannounced road closures. This is why it there has been some controversy surrounding Merseyside recently as its council is debating scrapping the Knowledge test. So does this mean the Knowledge is not as valuable as once thought? (more…)

Why should you compare motor trade insurance policies?


We have all seen the reports claiming that the UK is doing better than most other European countries since the recession, however this doesn’t mean that some industries aren’t still feeling the after effects! (more…)