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GoTaxi November CompetitionHave you had a long shift? Did your customers make you go round the houses and then not even leave a tip? Then we think you need a little bit of a treat, which is why in our latest Twitter competition QuoteSearcher is giving away a £25 Nando’s Gift Card to one lucky winner! (more…)

Win Two Top Gear Books with QuoteSearcher! at QuoteSearcher we love Top Gear as not only is it great for car fans but also kids who can’t get enough of fast cars and cheesy jokes. This is why in our latest competition we have decided to give away not one but two Top Gear books perfect for all ages! (more…)

Enter QuoteSearcher’s competition to win a ‘Ring for Tea’ Bell and a Chalk Mug!

QuoteSearcher November CompetitionAs a motor trader you will already know that any situation can be improved by a nice cup of tea, however it’s not always easy to get away from a job to make yourself one! This is why QuoteSearcher thought we would give a helping hand by hosting a competition to win a ‘Ring for Tea’ bell and a chalk mug! (more…)

Is your car spying on you?

Image of SatnavThe development of new technology means that nearly everything you do these days requires some sort of computer, and while this does make things easier can we be sure that it is truly safe? Your car can record most aspects of your journey and the ways you and other people drive, however who owns this data and where and when is it used? This is something that concerns many motorists as privacy is sometimes forgotten about.  In a previous blog we have spoken about The Increasing Use of Technology in the Motor Trade Industry and it looks as though it is only going to develop further… (more…)

Tyres for cold weather; Do you need them?

Image of TyreAt the same time each year a number of fleet owners ask themselves the same question: “Do I need to fit my vehicles with winter tyres?” This is a very important question to ask, especially as a fleet manager, as there are both advantages and disadvantages to winter tyres. We previously spoke about dealing with damages to your fleet but hopefully with these tyres there will be less of a chance you will need to repair any vehicles. (more…)

Marketing your Motor Trade Business

Image of Social SitesAs a business it is vital that people know your name otherwise they are less likely to come to you with their business. Marketing is all about reaching as many people as possible and the best way to achieve this is to create something memorable. As a motor trader it can sometimes be difficult to market your business as it’s not exactly the most creative industry; however there are some tips and tricks! We have previously written about how motor traders can make profit and marketing your business should certainly help, so here are some basics for marketing your motor trade business… (more…)