How is a Digital DVLA affecting the Motor Trade Industry?

Image of computerStarting in January 2015 the DVLA are getting rid of the paper part of the driving licence, aiming to digitalise all motorists and motor traders records. This electronic system will be used to hopefully streamline services and save money for the DVLA. On the 1st October this year the paper tax disc was abolished meaning changes for both motorists and motor traders. The DVLA is trying to make everything easier for motorists whilst saving money. (more…)

Preparing your motorhome for winter

Image of motorhome in rainOwning a motorhome is enjoyable and can be a great adventure but as with many things there is a lot of preparation and work that goes into maintaining it. Many owners are fanatics and enjoy travelling all year round, rain or shine. However many will pack up their stuff and leave their motorhome stationary until the sun starts shining again. We have previously spoken about weatherproofing your motorhome so now we are giving you some tips on how to prepare your stationary motorhome for the winter weather. (more…)

Potential smoking ban in cars with children in 2015

Image of cigaretteSecond hand smoke has been a huge talking point especially when young children are involved. There are around 10 million adults smoking in Great Britain and two-thirds of smokers start before the age of 18 however this is their own choice. There are 40% of children being exposed to second hand smoke and 2 million are exposed to it on a regular basis. With these worrying statistics changes should have already been made. We have previously spoken about the Government introducing harsher speeding fines and now we will talk about another law that could make a huge difference. (more…)

Success for Volvo Trucks and their Apprenticeship Programme

Image of Volvo logo
Here at QuoteSearcher we are very happy to hear of Volvo Trucks’ success as they recently visited The Skills Show where they generated a huge amount of interest in their Volvo Trucks Apprenticeship Programme. The first Volvo truck was built back in 1928 with sales of the trucks beginning just over 40 years ago in the UK. Now, as the second largest producer of heavy trucks in the world Volvo has a reliable reputation which is why so many young people are looking to take part in their apprenticeships. (more…)

Maaxi: The New Taxi App for London Taxis

Image of AppsUber is currently one of the most famous yet controversial taxi Apps in the world, as in numerous countries taxi drivers have staged protests against the use of this new technology. Taxi drivers claim that this App is illegal as it allows private hire taxis to run meters which is against the UK’s and various other countries’ legislation. Furthermore, some taxi drivers argue that drivers who use this App do not have the required licences or taxi insurance, meaning they are potentially a danger to passengers. (more…)

The Rise of the Christmas Taxi Driver

Image of taxis at night in LondonChristmas is a busy time of year for most people, which is why taxi drivers often see the amount of fares they take on each shift increasing considerably. However, Christmas is also a very expensive time for most people, which is why some try to take up taxi driving over the festive period in order to make additional income. Christmas taxi drivers are therefore both loved and despised, as even though they help tackle the influx in passengers looking for rides they can also cause issues in the industry. This is why in this week’s blog QuoteSearcher investigates the rise of the Christmas taxi driver: (more…)