Bargain Car Deals for Motor Traders in 2015

Image of AudiUK car sales are the strongest they have been in 10 years so the competition amongst manufacturers has never been fiercer. It’s now 2015 and the car industry is ever expanding and developing so there are thousands of cars to choose from for your forecourt. Every motor trader’s aim is to make sales, so make it your New Year’s resolution to do so! We have previously spoken about cars that keep their value however with these great finance deals you have nothing to worry about! Read this blog for some of the best car deals of 2015: (more…)

Are Cuban Cars the Next Big Thing?

Image of Cuban CarIt’s not very often that QuoteSearcher writes about international politics, however a recent event has caused a huge stir in the motor trade industry. In a surprising announcement the other week both Cuba and America announced that going forward they would have “normative relations”. Put simply, this means that after decades of sanctions Cuba can now trade with the rest of the world, which has caused a considerable amount of commotion in the motor trade world. (more…)

Christmas Gift Ideas for Car Fans

Image of giftWith Christmas here you may be struggling for some last minute gifts. Do you have a car fanatic friend or family member and always struggle to find the perfect gift for them? Well, this QuoteSearcher blog will give you some great ideas for presents all under £50! (more…)

Addison Lee vs. Uber

Image of Addison Lee TaxiWe all know that the taxi App Uber is not particularly popular with London taxi drivers (nor taxi drivers in a number of other countries for that matter), however recently one of the biggest private hire taxi companies in London – Addison Lee – has vocalised their opinion on the controversial company. (more…)

The Rethink of London’s Ultra Low Emission Zones

Image of electric carLondon Mayor Boris Johnson has recently been asked to “rethink” his plans for an Ultra-Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) in London. The plans were previously proposed to begin in 2020, however the UK motor industry wants the Mayor to enforce “more ambitious” emission standards for both unleaded and diesel cars .We have previously written about how fleet managers are increasingly investing in electric vehicles however these plans may encourage them further (more…)

The Demand for Personalised Number Plates

Image of 15 plate
It is becoming increasingly popular to splash your cash on personalised number plates these days. Previously, we wrote about the growing importance of trade plates for motor traders but they aren’t always as fun as buying your own personalised plates! (more…)