The Chief of Transport for London Speaks

Image of TfL logoIt’s no secret that there is no love lost between London’s taxi drivers and Transport for London (TfL), with many claiming that the government body is not doing enough to help those in the industry. Furthermore, over the past few years taxi drivers have held numerous protests against the taxi App Uber where they have called upon TfL to crack down on this controversial company. (more…)

The Most Expensive Celebrity Cars

Image of a Lambourghini When it comes to cars motor traders can often be a discerning lot, which is why if you ever put two or more in a room together you are guaranteed to have some heated debates! This is why in this article QuoteSearcher has listed some of the most famous car fans in the world and the vehicles they chose to splash their cash on… (more…)

Black Cabs secure London’s Bus Lanes

Image of Bus Lane SignJust last month QuoteSearcher published an article discussing the minicab firm Addison Lee and their fight against the company Uber, who they claim were allowed to enter the UK’s taxi market far too easily by Transport for London (TfL). However, even though Addison Lee stayed out of the row against the controversial taxi App for quite some time it is not uncommon for them to get involved with debates concerning the rights of taxi companies in the UK. (more…)

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Image of Prizes

Ah London – the home of Big Ben, the Tower of London and, of course, tens of thousands of black cabs. London just wouldn’t be London without its iconic forms of transport, some of which we are celebrating in this month’s QuoteSearcher competition!


National Pothole Day 2015

Image of bad roadFirst we had Road Safety Week 2014, now we have the first ever National Pothole Day which is part of an awareness campaign to fix our roads of such damages. Street Repairs are running National Pothole Day and will speak to the press on the public’s behalf to show them the problems occurring on our roads. Motor traders can find potholes a huge problem because they damage customers’ cars which can cost them a considerable amount of money to fix. (more…)

How are Falling Petrol Prices Affecting Fleets?

Image of PetrolPetrol prices have decreased to their lowest price in six years which is great news for fleet managers, especially as the four biggest supermarkets in the UK have cut their fuel prices by a further 2p per litre this week. This means if you choose to buy your petrol at Asda you will be paying no more than 103.7p a litre! (more…)