Hot Wings Challenge Rarely Completed

You have probably heard of the American TV program “Man vs Food” well know we have our very own version here in Britain. A restaurant, Red Dog Saloon in East London is offering the Hot Wings Challenge up to those who feel brave enough to tackle it.

The challenge consists of six chicken wings covered in Naga Viper chilli. You are required to eat all six within 10 minutes without a drink. This pepper is 250 times hotter than a jalapeno and according to the Scoville scale for chilli heat it registers at 1.3m. In fact this chilli is so corrosive that those handling it need to be wearing gloves. Let’s hope they have good restaurant insurance in case they burn through anything vital!

Many have taken on and tried this challenge but not many have succeeded. On average about 50 customers a week attempt it and only two or three actually complete it. The owner of the restaurant in Hoxton, Tom Berk has said, “There are very specific rules for the Hot Wings Challenge, which are the same for everybody and which were are very tough on.

“By eating them you have to pick them up and eat them off the bone – you are not allowed to remove the meat from the bone first.

“You are not allowed to leave the table; you are not allowed anything to drink.

“Once you have eaten the winds we stop the clock and start a fresh clock and there is a five minute burn-time where the same rules apply.
“You do all that and you become a champion.”

I don’t know about you but my eyes are watering at the thought of this challenge! Do you think you would be up for it? Leave us a comment a below.