Guests and Tenants | Landlord Responsibilities and Rights

One of the longest debated topics in the landlord world is whether the landlord has a say in whether the tenants are allowed to let friends, partners or relatives stay in the rented property. This is because it can be sometimes hard to tell whether the person is a guest or should be a paying tenant. Around this subject the law is a little grey and most landlords have their own way of dealing with this for when the situation arises.

Obviously, you can just leave things as they are because most of the time you are probably unaware of who your tenants are letting stay in your property and most of the time, it doesn’t matter. If the guests at the property are not interfering with the property then there should be no problems.

However, when it comes to HMOs a little more caution is needed. This is because the amount of people living in a property determines whether or not the property is an HMO. If a guest is staying for a long period of time, this may make your HMO policy invalid, if you already have one. If not an extra tenant could mean your property now falls into this category.

There are also a number of safety issues to consider. This is because in the event of a fire or theft, and then consequently claiming on your landlord insurance policy, it may not cover guests. Even more so if the guests were to cause the damage.

Of course, you can’t expect your tenants not to entertain their friends and family. However, do make sure you know if anyone is staying for long periods of time to make sure all your policies are still valid.