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QuoteSearcher is giving away a Car Vacuum!

Regardless of whether you look after a fleet of cars or just your own personal one, it’s always important to keep them as clean as possible. Most of the time people wash their vehicles in order to make sure that the paintwork lasts longer and they look the part, however it’s important you don’t forget […]

Summer and the Motor Trade

In the UK we have cold winters, wet springs, windy autumns and mild to warm summers. The weather also has a big effect on the UK markets, which businesses need to take into account when it comes to their strategies. In general, the behaviour of most individuals changes during the summer months as they are […]

Fleet Industry News Update – June 2014

With the fleet industry being so lucrative in the UK a lot can happen in just a short period of time as key players make new deals to streamline their businesses and cut costs. At QuoteSearcher not only do we help our customers find low cost fleet insurance quotes but we also regularly provide our […]

Uber vs. London Taxi Drivers – The Battle Continues

A few weeks ago QuoteSearcher reported on a protest outside The Shard where hundreds of taxi drivers voiced their anger at the fact that there is no dedicated taxi rank outside the building. During the demonstration, taxi drivers also protested against the new ‘Uber’ App which allows customers to book a taxi using their mobile […]

Government Introduces Harsher Speeding Fines

Those that work in the motor trade business have to be particularly careful while on the road because if they are caught speeding or driving dangerously they could lose their licences, void their motor trade insurance policies and even ruin their businesses. However, most motorists are not as careful on the road as motor traders, […]

Going the Extra Mile: The Growing Importance of Fleet Safety

Earlier this week the road safety charity Brake published a new report consisting of a number of case studies which prove that putting fleet safety first is extremely beneficial for both fleet operators and those that use their vehicles. Fleet safety is becoming more and more important to businesses as not only does it protect […]