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Study shows sharing taxis could cut road time by 40%

How many of your passengers have ever offered to share their taxis with a complete stranger? We bet that you can probably count the amount on one hand, however a recent study by MIT, Cornell University and the Italian National Research Council’s Institute for Informatics and Telematics has shown that it could be extremely beneficial […]

Department of Business Innovation and Skills launches new apprenticeship campaign

Over the past few years the coalition government has been encouraging young people to think about taking vocational courses instead of going to university, as many jobs that don’t require university degrees are just as well-paid and offer excellent career opportunities. This is one of the reasons why colleges across the country have seen an […]

Welsh Ambulance Fleet to be Upgraded

Earlier this year it was reported that ambulance response times in Wales were a “national disgrace” after it was revealed that only 54.1% of emergency responses to Category A calls (calls which are immediately life-threatening) arrived at the scene within eight minutes. This means that the country has the lowest national emergency response times in […]

Melbourne Taxi Drivers struggle with Knowledge Test

If you are a London-based public hire taxi driver then you will already know how difficult the Knowledge test is. This is why QuoteSearcher has published numerous articles explaining what the Knowledge test consists of and how you can prepare for it, however even with this advice you will still need a considerable amount of […]

Britain Exports 5 million Vehicles in under Five Years

Here at QuoteSearcher we regularly discuss the fact that the UK motor trade has been booming over the past few years, and now reports have shown that Britain has officially exported five million vehicles since the beginning of this decade. This is an amazing feat and one that motor traders across the country should be […]

Family Fleet Insurance

These days it’s not uncommon for households to own two or more vehicles, however if you have a large family, or a real passion for cars, you could end up having three or four vehicles all at the same time! This is why an increasing amount of families are investing in family fleet insurance policies, […]