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Update: Marketing your restaurant

We know that marketing your restaurant can become very time consuming and end up costing a lot of money however it is well worth it and will increase your brand awareness. We previously wrote a blog about marketing your restaurant however a lot has changed since then so we thought you could do with an […]

Some of the Best Restaurants on the Tastecard in London

Whether you love burgers, curry, or an old fashioned roast-dinner, London has some of the best restaurants around. In one of our previous posts we looked at some of the best burger restaurants in London, but what if you want to dine on the cheap? Well you are in luck as here we list some […]

“Skipchen” – The Restaurant Serving Left Over Food from Supermarkets

There is a new not-for-profit restaurant in Bristol called Skipchen which is ran by a team of volunteers who use the food that supermarkets throw out after their best-before dates. There has recently been a considerable amount of news about the amount of food that is wasted due to people looking at best before dates, […]

Best Burger Restaurants in London

Burger restaurants are becoming more and more popular in London, and luckily for burger fans there are a considerable amount of burger restaurants and pop up burger vans to choose from. Per average cheeseburger you will be eating around 350 calories depending on where you eat, and that’s not including any sides or extras! These […]

Tips of the Trade: Making the Most out of your Restaurant

We all know that restaurant owners have a few tricks up their sleeves in order to make more money; for example by using the word ‘jus’ instead of ‘gravy’ you can justify charging an extra pound or two. However, even though this might sound like a good idea at first you need to be aware […]

Could You be a Restaurateur?

There’s a certain romance attached to running your own restaurant: cooking the food you love in your own kitchen, designing the bar and seating and, most of all, taking your income and livelihood into your own hands. Alongside this, the restaurant market in the UK seems to have quite a lot of life in it […]