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Doing a Season on the Slopes in a Motorhome

When skiers or snowboarders mention doing a season on the slopes you’ll expect them to be working out there and spending all their hard earned cash on lift tickets. However, this is not the case for the Cambridges family from Birkhill, north of Dundee, since ski-Scotland has launched the passes. Michael, Moira and their six-year-old […]

Fire destroys two motorhomes in Hazel Dell

A noontime fire destroyed two motorhomes last Wednesday and damaged two others at Sam’s Good RV Park on Northeast Highway 99 in Hazel Dell. Lets hope they were covered by motorhome insurance. Amanda Nelson, 22, said the fire started in the passenger’s side of her mother’s Fleetwood motorhome at 11:56 a.m. When Ms Nelson smelled […]

Holidays in Spain

With the weather getting worse, we are probably all thinking about our holiday next year and hoping for warmer weather. Well why not consider heading to Spain? It has never been easier to travel to Spain in a motorhome, whether you own one or not. You can fly and rent one there or drive across […]

Motorhome pulling truck, crashes and rolls

The Beaverton couple luckily escaped injury; however their pickup truck and motorhome were severely damaged in a crash. The couple were travelling in a motorhome and pulling a full-sized pickup truck, when they lost control of the motorhome and steered off to the west side of the roadway. Volz said it was difficult to find […]

Man drives caravan into neighbour's swimming pool

An American man was trying to reverse his caravan into the driveway of his home in Brockton, Massachusetts on Wednesday when something went wrong. Seconds later the 30-foot vehicle was lying nose-down in his neighbour’s swimming pool, the cabin filling with water. The neighbour, Norman Little, was walking into his garden just as the caravan […]

Motorhome destruction' sees man jailed

A retired Tauranga couple who had their motorhome, worth more than $100,000, stolen and then torched by a 21-year-old local man are disgusted he has received only 20 months jail. The Welcome Bay couple aged in their 60s, who do not wish to be named, told the Bay of Plenty Times Weekend that Jordan Hall’s […]