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Motor Trade Industry already adapting for 2014

Just last week QuoteSearcher posted an article discussing what 2014 may bring for the motor trade industry, however it seems as though changes are already well under way. With the continuing increase in car sales across the UK companies are altering their business strategies in order to gain a share of the improving market. Here, […]

What will 2014 bring for the Motor Trade Industry?

Over the past few years the motor trade industry has been through various ups and downs, however last week we reported that in November the amount of new car registrations in the UK increased once again. For motor traders this was extremely good news, however many are still asking whether this growth in the market […]

Fastest Selling Cars of November Revealed

A few weeks ago QuoteSearcher posted an article discussing how the motor trade industry is growing, and that many in the industry expect for this growth to continue in 2014. We also revealed another piece of good news for motor traders, as the amount of new registrations reported in November was also on the rise, […]

Win an Autoglym Set in QuoteSearcher’s Christmas Giveaway!

After a hard day’s at work most motor traders don’t have the time or the energy to look after their own cars, and unfortunately this means they can become neglected. However, we are giving away an Autoglym Perfect Bodywork and Wheels set which we know will be too tempting for any motor trader not to […]

Could Driverless Cars be the Future?

We have already heard of companies creating driverless cars, such as Google who has been testing their version for a number of years now. However, it seems as though they may become a reality sooner than we think, as next year Volvo is releasing one hundred autonomous cars onto Sweden’s roads. For many, the thought […]

4 Tips for Selling Second-Hand Cars

Due to the recession the amount of people looking to invest in second-hand cars has increased, as many now struggle to afford a new model. This is why most car dealers offer both new and used cars to their customers, as well as a number of after-sales products on both types of models. However, selling […]