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Win a Mini-Fridge with QuoteSearcher!

If you work with a fleet of vehicles then you will often find yourself in all sorts of places – most of which will be outside. This means that you can often get tired and thirsty on the job, which is why QuoteSearcher is giving away a mini-fridge which you can stock essential snacks and drinks […]

Enter our Competition to win four Whittard Mugs!

At QuoteSearcher we firmly believe that any situation can be improved with a nice cup of tea. As a motor trader you probably can’t live without a nice cuppa, and you probably also offer your clients one if they are waiting for you to complete a job.

Business drivers not Insured for Business Mileage

When your business has a fleet of cars you must make sure you have suitable motor fleet insurance with business use cover. When it comes to getting insurance, you need to make sure you select ‘Social and Business’ when it asks you about the use of the vehicles in your fleet. Business policies will cover […]

Could Personal Contract Purchases harm the Motor Trade Market?

Buying a new car outright is a luxury that many of us are unable to afford, which is why most car dealers offer a range of finance options to their customers. However, even though these finance options have enabled the motor trade market to keep afloat during difficult economic periods, there are concerns that they […]

Tips for buying a Used Car

When buying a used car you need to make a few important decisions in order to ensure return on investment. As a motor trader you can generally make a good amount of money on used cars, however the risks involved when buying them are usually quite high as they may have previously been damaged or […]

How can Motor Traders make Profit?

Last week QuoteSearcher wrote an article discussing how the motor trade industry in the UK has been improving since the beginning of this year however the market is still experiencing a few ups and downs. Therefore, it is possible for motor traders to make a profit if they understand the market well enough to plan […]