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Motor fleets concerned over new Dartford Crossing payment scheme

This month the Highways Agency is due to launch a new free-flow scheme at the Dartford Crossing which includes an electronic charging system that will do away with barriers and payment booths. However, the Agency has provided no official date for the opening of this system which is already weeks behind its initial launch date. […]

Making the Freight and Logistics Sector more Eco-Friendly

The environmental issues that surround vehicles on the road have been talked about for many years and action plans have been put in place to encourage people and businesses to own more eco-friendly vehicles. Now, operators, business leaders and trade associations are looking at the freight and logistics industry and how they can provide safer […]

Safety Procedures for your Motor Fleet

When it comes to managing a fleet, let alone a business, it is important that the safety of your staff is top of the list. This can be achieved in a variety of ways from assessing situations when accidents do occur to regular maintenance checks on the vehicles that will be driven. Before you can […]

Win a Boot Organiser and Back of Seat Cooler Bag!

Whether you have children, a dog or just carry a lot of stuff around in your car, we all know that it can end up in a mess once in a while. This is why here at QuoteSearcher we are giving away a boot organiser and a car cooler bag!

FAQs – Fleet Insurance Broken Down

At QuoteSearcher we find that there are still many questions that get asked surrounding fleet insurance so we thought it was about time we put all the information into one easy to read article! What is fleet insurance? First up, what is fleet insurance? Well put simply it is insurance to cover many vehicles, but […]

Car Market has grown for 3 Consecutive Years

During February the new car market grew by 12% and fleet and business managers accounted for just under 60% of these new registrations, in fact, the accounted for 45,519 units. This means that February was the 36th month in a row that the new car market continued to grow which shows very positive signs for […]