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How to decorate your Buy-to-Let Properties

When investing in buy-to-let properties you will probably find that they will need a bit of a revamp before you put them on the market. But what is the best way to decorate your properties? You may think you have quite an artistic flare, however sometimes less is more. On the other hand, you don’t […]

What to do if you become an ‘Accidental Landlord’

Many people across the UK are becoming what are known as ‘Accidental Landlords’ – people that somehow come into properties and then decide to rent them out yet have had no previous experience in the lettings industry. Here we discuss what to do if you find yourself becoming an accidental landlord, as if you play […]

New Year Brings New Worries

After a weeklong of celebrations nearly drawing to a close it is time to think about what 2013 will hold in terms of the housing market. Unfortunately things are not looking good and currently homelessness is one of the major concerns for the coming year. Housing Benefits Over recent weeks there have been many discussions […]

Landlords urge Government commitment over flood cover scheme

Whilst the biggest concern for most of us during the winter month is higher heating bills for some families the worry may be over losing their property completely. The British Property Federation have reacted with great disappointment following on from the Government’s rejection of proposals for long term flood insurance, having warned back in March […]

Dealing with Damage and the Cleanliness of your Property

There are many types of damage that can occur to a property, burnt carpet, a ripped sofa, these are all easy to identify and are often proof enough that your tenant is not taking care of your property and it will be easy to claim for these things on your landlord insurance policy. However, damage […]

Flooding, how can you protect yourself?

As everyone is aware, there has been a huge amount of rain which has caused 800 homes to be flooded which has caused thousands in damage. This can be a huge set back for landlords. One of the only comforts in these situations is knowing that you are covered by your landlord insurance but it […]