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Sub-letting and your Properties

Many landlords do not allow their tenants to sub-let their properties due to the fact that it means you could end up losing money. Furthermore, if your tenant does sub-let your property without you knowing you could find that your landlord insurance will not cover the extra tenant, or even worse become void. Here we […]

Furnishing your Properties

Furnishing all the houses in your property portfolio can sometimes feel like a daunting (and expensive!) task, however if you do things properly you will be able to not only make your houses look good but also save on money. The big question is where you should spend and where you should save, as sometimes […]

Getting Information as a Landlord

There are already a vast amount of rules and regulations concerning the landlord industry, and as the welfare reforms are coming up there is even more information that landlords need to brush up on in order to make sure that they understand the industry and that their businesses are up to scratch. Sometimes this can […]

The Importance of Organisation for Landlords

It may sound obvious, but keeping organised is of the utmost importance when you are a landlord. Juggling the maintenance and care of a number of properties is sometimes tricky, which means that it’s highly likely that things could build up. Here we give some simple yet highly effective tips to keeping your property portfolio […]

Dealing with Pests in your Property

Unfortunately most houses will eventually find themselves with unwanted guests such as rats, mice, and insects, and if your tenants find an infestation they will not hesitate to call you! There are a myriad of pests that can make themselves at home in your properties, some serious, some not so much. So what is the […]

Parking and your Property

When it comes to renting out your property you will generally find that all your potential tenants will have a list of criteria. This list usually involves things such as whether the property has a garden, if there are local shops and facilities nearby, and whether the property comes with its own parking facilities. Many […]