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Tax Hikes Hitting Landlords and Tenants Alike

New tax increases on the private rental sector are impacting badly upon tenants and landlords alike, and are failing to achieve their intended aims, according to the Residential Landlords Association (RLA). Research recently released by the Local Government Assocation (LGA) reveals that the average private sector rent across the whole of the UK has risen […]

Potential 2017 Landlord Tax Changes

As the April announcement of the 2017 budget looms, landlords are very concerned about further possible changes to tax relief which would have a big impact on their rental income. The first wave of changes was implemented in 2015, and affected mortgage interest relief and stamp duty land tax on the finances of landlords, ultimately […]

Guests and Tenants | Landlord Responsibilities and Rights

One of the longest debated topics in the landlord world is whether the landlord has a say in whether the tenants are allowed to let friends, partners or relatives stay in the rented property. This is because it can be sometimes hard to tell whether the person is a guest or should be a paying […]

10 Top Tips to get more viewings for your rental property

When you are a landlord it can become a struggle to get viewings for your home. Sometimes you need to take a step back and really think what you can change to entice people into your home. There are both online and offline ways to advertise your home so you must utilise them. We wrote […]

The Weirdest Landlord Stories

Being a landlord is a time consuming, stressful job and along the way you will deal with both easy and difficult tenants. When becoming a landlord you will need to research all the legal procedures to make sure that your tenants can’t get away with anything that they shouldn’t. In previous blogs we have written […]

Five Top Tips for Lowering Your Landlord Insurance Premiums

Here at QuoteSearcher we pride ourselves on helping customers find the lowest possible prices for things like landlord insurance, but even though checking out the market is one of the best possible things you can do before buying a landlord insurance policy, it’s not the only thing. Your policy is determined by the way you […]