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Horsebox up in flames

Derbyshire police are currently investigating a suspected arson attack on a horsebox, parked at a farm in Nottinghamshire. A large horsebox parked on Hobsic Lane, Selston was set alight at around 2.45pm on Sunday, November 4. The fire, which is believed to have been started deliberately, caused significant damage to the horsebox and put neighbouring […]

Frankel to Retire as the Greatest Thoroughbred Ever

In a previous blog post we have talked about Frankel the unbeaten horse that managed to take the limelight away from Black Caviar. We mentioned that he was to run one more race before retirement. Well at the weekend, this last race happened and of course he won. The event was the British Champions Day […]

Changes to John Smith Grand National

The year one of the most famous races, the John Smith Grand National has had some changes made to it. The start line has been moved forward by 90 yards. This was the most important changes that were made by the Aintree and the British Horseracing Authority. There were a few other changes that were […]

Huge Interest In Horse Ballet

Since the Olympics we have all heard about the increase in interest in range of sports but it turns out one of the sports that has benefited most from the games is Dressage. Horse ballet is becoming extremely popular amongst the younger generation and especially in Yorkshire. It turns out the coverage in the Games […]

Frankel: Horses Answer to Usain Bolt

Even those among us who may not be horse fanatics will probably have heard about Frankel; the fastest horse in the world. He has been dubbed Usain Colt although he has a better record and is faster than Usain Bolt. This horse has never been beaten in all of his 13 races and has now […]

Too Late to Save 400 Year Old Horse Tradition?

Many horse dealers are making a last attempt to save the tradition of buying and selling horses at Auld Lammas Fair in Ballycastle. This tradition is over 400 years old and early on in the year Moyle Council to a vote to ban the horse selling on the streets because of safety concerns for the […]