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Car Modifications: Keep Your Insurer in the Loop!

Car modifications have been popular for many years, with young and older drivers alike choosing to customize their cars in all sorts of different ways. Modifying your car is all well and good in principle, however if you are not careful you could find yourself in hot water with your insurer, or worse still out […]

Driverless Cars to Hit UK Roads by 2019

The idea of the autonomous, or driverless, car has been around for many moons. However, over the last couple of years this has gone from a distant invention to a very real prospect. You may recall an article we published earlier this year, discussing the implications of driverless cars on the insurance industry, and the […]

Speeding Fines: Harsher Penalties for UK Drivers

As of today (April 24th) the way in which speeding fines are calculated in the UK is changing to a much stricter guideline. Under the brand new guidelines, drivers caught doing up to 51mph in a 30mph zone or 101mph on a motorway will be fined a minimum of 150% of their weekly income, a […]

Car Insurance: Renew or Shop Around?

When car insurance renewal time comes around, many of us simply sign on the dotted line and stick with whoever our chosen insurance company is for another year, paying little attention to the details or any changes in price or policy. However, it is this type of mental disengagement which is playing directly into the […]

Compensation Reforms: Will Premium Prices Increase?

The government are set to announce reforms to the personal injury compensation pay out process. Today (March 20th), these new calculations will be put into effect, according to an announcement from the Ministry of Justice. They intend to cut the discount rate – also known as the Ogden Rate – used to determine lump sum compensation. […]

The 2017 Budget & How It Affects Drivers

Phillip Hammond, the current chancellor of the exchequer, announced the 2017 budget recently. As ever, drivers are affected for both the better and the worse. We have broken down the key points below to show how this new budget will impact on you. Freeze on Fuel Duty Let’s start with some good news for the […]