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Summer Drink Driving Clampdown

Drink driving has been a crime in England for over 50 years now. First introduced in January 1966, the Road Safety Bill set a legal limit of 80mg of alcohol for every 100cc of blood; any reading higher than this was considered an offence and thus punishable by law. The following year saw the introduction […]

Speed Cameras: 25 Years of the Gatso

Traffic cameras were first introduced to the UK in the 1960s, but none has had the impact of the infamous Gatso camera. Those yellow boxes have saved countless lives, and yielded millions in revenue, as well as being almost universally detested by all road users! 25 years ago, the first Gatso was switched on along […]

Smart Camera Fines Top Half a Billion Pounds!

Any driver will be familiar with this situation: you’re hurtling down the motorway, when you notice a new speed limit displayed on LED signs hanging above. The big question is do you slow down? Judging by the latest figures revealed, it seems like an awful lot of us do not! Variable speed cameras were first […]

Speeding Fines: Harsher Penalties for UK Drivers

As of today (April 24th) the way in which speeding fines are calculated in the UK is changing to a much stricter guideline. Under the brand new guidelines, drivers caught doing up to 51mph in a 30mph zone or 101mph on a motorway will be fined a minimum of 150% of their weekly income, a […]

UPDATE: Driving Penalty Doubled for Mobile Phone Use

After much speculation and debate, the changes to the law around using a mobile phone whilst driving have finally been implemented and were unveiled alongside a new, hard-hitting advertising campaign. Prior to March 1st, getting caught on your phone at the wheel could land you with three penalty points on your license, and a fine […]

The UK’s Naughtiest Drivers, according to Driving Conviction

Christmas is a time to eat, drink and be merry. For many drivers, they get too merry, forget about all the drink, and mistakenly think if that eat before jumping into the driver’s seat they’ll be right as reindeer. In fact, the festive period traditionally sees a spike in traffic and driving offences. Speeding down […]