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Motorhome Tax: SORN Uninsured Vehicles or Face DVLA Fines

We recently came across a story from a frustrated motorhome owner. He had been storing his motorhome off-road, on his own property, with no intention of taking it out on the roads. His motorhome was not insured as he was not using it, he had not renewed the tax either on the basis that in […]

New ways to enjoy Caravan Holidays

Let’s face it – camping and caravanning holidays are just not for everyone. But what do you do when you are desperate to stay in a caravan yet a friend or family member just won’t budge? Well, there is now a way for you to compromise! Hotels are starting to look at introducing caravans into […]

South Lincolnshire caravan theft

Lock up your caravan nice and tight this evening, was the message following yet another loss of a beloved tourer to thieves in South Lincolnshire. The latest theft occurred late on November 17th when a tourer was taken from a property in the Draw Dyke region of Sutton St James, the Peterborough Telegraph reports. On […]

Man flees from caravan firestorm

A man fled a burning caravan after a blaze broke out near a gas canister on Monday night. Fire-fighters were immediately called to the caravan inferno on the A063 Wimpole Road, near Barton, at 9.15pm 10th December; with one person reportedly inside the mobile home. Four fire engines were sent to the scene, but on […]

Which Caravan Site will you be heading to this Summer?

Many people are opting to rent a caravan this year for their holiday and it is a great way of having the freedom to do and go where you want to without being tied to any hotel or flight arrangements. Simply book your time off work and jump in the caravan and see where it […]

Staycation for Brits

Even though the English summer hasn’t kicked in yet, this year is surprisingly enough meant to be one of the most popular year for Brits to take a staycation. There are many reasons for this but the biggest being because of the Olympics. This means that many are visiting places they wouldn’t normally. One of […]