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Britain’s Increase in Takeaway Shops

Takeaways and healthy eating has always been a problem in the UK with 66.6% of adult men being overweight and 57.2% of women in 2012. It doesn’t make it any easier with a wide range of takeaways opening all over the country especially in deprived areas according to new research. We previously wrote an article […]

Best Burger Restaurants in London

Burger restaurants are becoming more and more popular in London, and luckily for burger fans there are a considerable amount of burger restaurants and pop up burger vans to choose from. Per average cheeseburger you will be eating around 350 calories depending on where you eat, and that’s not including any sides or extras! These […]

Shocking Facts about Takeaways

Do you ever find it weird that you always crave foods that are bad for you and never healthy foods? Scientists struggle to prove why people crave foods and they put it down to two reasons, either psychological or biochemical. The psychological reasoning is our brains associate those bad foods with feeling happy so we […]