Banned from All You Can Eat Restaurant

Two diners have been banned for life from a Mongolian all you can eat restaurant for eating too much.

George Dalmon is 26 and Andy Miles is 25 and both were asked to leave and never return from Gobi Mongolian Barbecue Restaurant in Brighton. This was because they ate five bowls of food before being called “pigs” by the manager and thrown out.

George Dalmon said, “They only give you small bowls and you cannot get enough food in there so we always go back for more.

“We have been eating there regularly for a couple of years but suddenly the owner came to our table and started going mental in front of the other customers.

“He said we were eating him out of business and called us a couple of pigs. I asked if he was joking and he told us we were banned for life.”

Comments on TripAdviser seem to say the bowl sizes are perfect sizes especially if you want to try a variety of cuisines before you get full up.

Having two less customers may save him some money as the all you can eat price is only £12. This will help him pay for expenses including, paying staff, restaurant insurance and rent.

Having said this, the website does say that you can eat as much as you wish for only £12.

The manager of the restaurant commented on the situation saying, “Basically these two guys just come in and pig out. I have put up with them for two years but have had enough.

“They spoil it for everyone else and are in such a hurry to get to the food so none of the other diners ge a look in.

“We are not a charity. We are a business. It is our restaurant and we can tell people not to come back if we want to.”