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QuoteSearcher can help you find comprehensive, affordable equine insurance for your horse from a range of industry leading UK insurance providers.

Whether you’re looking to insure a single new pet baby foal, a pony for a riding school or multiple veteran racing horses, QuoteSearcher can help you find expert advice on your policy.

Horse Insurance Explained – Why do you need horse insurance?

Horses are far from the cheapest animal to keep, so having insurance is often vital in the event that something goes wrong. Vet bills for horses in particular can be very costly, but theft is increasingly becoming an issue as well – people often overlook the cost of items such as saddles and tack.

Horse Vet and Medical Insurance

As standard, a horse insurance policy should provide cover should your horse stray or be stolen, covering both the cost of the animal if it sadly dies or cannot be found as well as the advertising cost of trying to find your animal. Additional features generally come at a premium, for example it is standard for vet bills to have an excess that may vary from policy to policy. You should therefore check the wording of your policy carefully.

Horse Insurance and Pre-existing Medical Conditions

It is important to be up front with any pre-existing medical concerns your horse may have. While it may impact the cost of your horse insurance policy, claims could well be turned if it found that your horse has a pre-existing medical issue that you did not disclose.

Horse Rider Insurance

Personal accident and occasionally third party public liability insurance are often used by riders to protect themselves. This covers the rider if a third party is injured on their horse, or if damage is caused to property or other persons. Your horse may only kick once in it’s lifetime, but that one kick could be costly and policies with a value of £1m are common.

Loss of Use Equine Cover and Veteran Horse Insurance for Older Horses

Not the most pleasant thought, but if your horse suffers an injury or simply grows old, you may not be able to ride anymore, but still may want to keep your animal. Loss of use and older horse insurance will cover this situation, ensuring the extra cost involved is covered.