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Goods in transit insurance

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Working in any type of delivery industry is stressful and there are risks associated with it. When transporting goods on behalf of a client, they become your responsibility, and often these goods will be high value or fragile, hence the choice to use a professional courier or haulage service. This is where a Goods in Transit insurance policy comes in.

Good in Transit (GIT) insurance is designed to protect any goods against damage or loss whilst being transported from A to B, whether they belong to you or to a customer. It is normally an extra feature available for courier, haulage or tradesman policies.

This is a very important thing to consider if you work in one of the above industries, as this feature could end up saving your business from financial ruin. If you are driving a transit van with expensive furniture in the back and somebody crashes into you, regardless of who is liable for the damage to the vehicle(s), any damage to the furniture will be deemed your responsibility. This means you or your business would have to pay for any damage caused, and the client could even seek some form of compensation.

You can choose whether your goods in transit policy is on a ‘specified’ or ‘all risk’ basis. It will cover goods whether they are delivered by you or a third-party carrier.

Policy Features

Goods in Transit insurance will cover you against:

  • Theft
  • Damage during transit
  • Damage caused by accidents during transit
  • Loss of goods
  • Tools / Equipment (must be specified in policy)

There are different levels of cover available, depending on the type of cargo you carry and the frequency. If you operate in the UK and abroad, make sure you tell your insurance provider so they can adjust your policy accordingly.

Each Goods in Transit insurance policy is tailor made to ensure you have exactly the cover you require; it is quite alarming how many people are either over or under insured.

This means they are either paying for protection which they don’t need, or else they are paying for a policy but are not sufficiently protected so when it is time to make a claim, the amount paid out will not be enough to cover the required costs.

Our carefully selected partners have years of experience in Goods in Transit insurance and will work hard to find the right policy for you. They offer both competitive prices and flexible payment options without ever compromising on quality.

Get in touch with us today so we can help find the right Goods in Transit insurance policy for you.

Why Use Quotesearcher

  • One stop solution for all your insurance needs
  • No need to shop around to find the best deal
  • Only deal with UK leading insurers